The Frasier Fantasy w/ Katie



The Frasier Fantasy w/ Katie (KPSU Phase I Episode 047)

This show is from near the end of my first full year at KPSU, and by this point, I was deep into my Nuggets / 60’s rock phase as a DJ.  My friend DJ Revolting Earwig had turned me on to the Nuggets boxed set (both Vol. 1 & 2), right around the time picked up Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Love & The Great Society.  The ’60’s were starting to become my favorite period of music, and almost as suddenly as my show was cut down to a single hour, it completely switched to all-Nuggets, all the time.

I became extremely systematic about my music consumption during this period, and started tracking down all the bands on these comps at the library, and in the KPSU catalog.  (At the time, KPSU had a huge CD catalog of ’60’s music.)  I saw this particular strain of the ’60’s to be the precursor of punk, and while this is not a new observation (the original Nuggets record used the word “punk” to describe this era), to me it felt like a revelation.  I did all I could to become knowledgeable, and in many ways – to this very day – I find this era endlessly vital.  There are always new discoveries to be made, and new sounds to immerse myself in.

One common practice that I regularly indulged in while at KPSU was new DJ training, and during this show I went through the process with my friend, Katie.  I was a little sad to find that she never got past the apprenticing phase, as I would have loved to hear a show that she regularly hosted.  However, we got to do this show together, and now that she no longer lives in the area, this is really the only reminder of her that I have.

This is a pre-podcast era show, as was transferred from a Mini-Disc recording I made of the program.  The mix on this show is pretty great, and contains some of my favorite musical gems.  I also find it interesting that this show comes from a time when I did four, 15 minute blocks, instead of three, 20 minute blocks.  Oh, how things have changed.  At this time, our program was on 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.


The Frasier Fantasy

01.) Spellbound * Spellbinders
02.) Rat’s Revenge Part Two * The Rats
03.) Fire Engine * The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
04.) Somebody To Love * Grace Slick and the Great Society
05.) Sorry She’s Mine * Small Faces

06.) The Swag * Link Wray
07.) I Happen To Love You * The Electric Prunes
08.) Who’ll Be The Next In Line * The Kinks
09.) Zig Zag Wanderer * Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
10.) Lelana * Donovan

11.) Baby Blue * The Chocolate Watch Band
12.) Girl I Want You * The Seeds
13.) Sit With The Guru * Strawberry Alarm Clock
14.) Why Pick On Me * Standells

15.) Wowie Zowie * The Mothers Of Invention
16.) AndMoreAgain * Love
17.) Mr. Tambourine * The Barbarians
18.) (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man * The Briggands
19.) Lucifer Sam * Pink Floyd


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