Murph (Of Dinosaur Jr.) Interview



Murph Interview (KPSU Phase I Episode 061) 

At this time, our program was on from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.

For this show, I did a special hour long tribute to Dinosaur Jr.! On August 17th, Murph was kind enough to let me interview him, and their show on Friday was fantastic, putting me in the mood to run through some of my fave songs by them.  Intermixed throughout the show I played snippets of the interview with Murph, with informative notes about the songs in question.


01.) Little Fury Things * Dinosaur Jr.
02.) No Bones * Dinosaur Jr.
03.) Forget The Swan * Dinosaur Jr.
04.) Bulbs Of Passion * Dinosaur Jr.
05.) In A Jar * Dinosaur Jr.
06.) Repulsion * Dinosaur Jr.
07.) Keep The Glove * Dinosaur Jr.
08.) Kracked * Dinosaur Jr.
09.) Sludgefeast * Dinosaur Jr.
10.) Just Like Heaven * Dinosaur Jr.
11.) The Post (Live) * Dinosaur Jr.
12.) The Lung * Dinosaur Jr.
13.) Show Me The Way * Dinosaur Jr.



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