Childhood Friends & Enchanted Forrest, LIVE!

Forest Friends

Forest Friends

Childhood Friends & Enchanted Forrest, LIVE! (Live Friday 042)

This week on Live Friday, treat yourself to a double-dose of live music with this two-for-one deal, curtesy of KPSU. First, we’ll start the set off with Enchanted Forest, a local two-piece that brings electro-pop to the goth-rock crowd, with a touch of emo and indie, sprinkled to taste. But that’s not all! After the break we’ll return with Childhood Friends, containing the same members, but performing different songs! This incarnation is a little more dour, combining acoustic instrumentation and experimental textures to create an ambience that the goth-rock crowd can appreciate none-the-less. Somewhere in all of that we’ll try to fit in an interview, too. It’s Live Friday the way it was meant to be, so tune in, won’t you?


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