The VD Show

Let's Play Some CDs

Let’s Play Some CDs

The VD Show (KPSU Phase I Episode 086)

Since today is VD, I decided to send an audio Valentine Card to the world with this schizophrenic and totally rockin’ show. While the first half is just… uhm… “interesting” (to quote some of my friends with a lower tolerance for experimental music), it builds to a triumphant finish with some top-notch metal. This one is for the history books, or at least the CIA’s files since the Number Stations Recording is in there. Such is life…

The VD Show

01.) Quang Duc [Live Excerpt] * John Rambo
02.) Fire * The Crazy World Of Arther Brown
03.) Brand New Sack / Epistemology * Witchy Poo
04.) Thaw Walt * Men’s Recovery Project
05.) Till Death Do Us Part * MX-80
06.) Locoweed In A Bottle * Melt Banana
07.) Chrome Cabal * Nice Nice
08.) “Hit It” * Fat Boys / Syd Louse

09.) Rambo / Murdock / Goldwater [Live Excerpt] * John Rambo
10.) Sticky Sticky * 1910 Fruitgum Company
11.) Greshi’s Dance * Cornflake Mandala
12.) Good Night * Messer Chups
13.) Medieval Dances * Bruce Haack, Esther Nelson & Dimension 5 Records
14.) Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing * Shooby Taylor
15.) We’re Sort Of A Jazz Band * Hunger Artists
16.) Out Of Their Element * EFS

17.) Morter Waltz [Live Excerpt] * John Rambo
18.) Wahôf Fü Celz * Neutered Prunes
19.) Gary’s In The Park * Gary Wilson
20.) 3 Note Interval Signal * The Conet Project
21.) Iron Fist * Motörhead

22.) The Expendable 50 [Live] * John Rambo
23.) Dark Harbour / Green Mountain Airways / Illgagard Forever * C Average
24.) Legend Of Zelda Ending Theme * Nintendo

At this time, or show was on from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.

KPSU Playlist


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