The Best of Live Friday!

The Best Of Live Friday! (Live Friday 047)

This week I’ll dig deep into the Live Friday archives to bring you the best recordings made LIVE on KPSU. So many good bands come through the station on a regular basis that playing the discs once is often not enough. This week, we’ll re-visit the best performances by the best bands to tune up in our studios, and for the first time ever, Live Friday will be taking requests! It’s your chance to interact with a show that provides so much ever week. This is a perfect episode to start your Live Friday addiction.

01.) Sleeper (Rise Over Run recorded on 07/22/05)
02.) A New Disaster (Straitjacket recorded on 10/14/05)
03.) Hot Lava (Courage recorded on 12/10/04)
04.) Stooge (Dance Card recorded on 12/16/05)
05.) Dangerous Degree (The Mayonaise vs. Venn recorded on 04/26/05)
06.) [untitled] (If If, Was Was… recorded on 12/20/05)
07.) I’m On Nine (The Bugs Of Lightning recorded on 08/05/05)
08.) Doorway (Empty Room recorded on 07/15/05)
09.) Triforce Of Boom (Krandroid The Friendly Robot recorded on 07/01/05)
10.) Robot Affliction (The Human Genome Project recorded on 09/17/04)
11.) Lose The Noose While It’s Loose (The Undoing of David Wright recorded on 08/16/05)
12.) [untitled] (Avery Bell recorded on 02/25/05)
13.) Exhibit A Burns A Hole In The Sky With Her Death Stare (Book Of Maps recorded on 11/11/05)
14.) Let’s Get Drunk And Watch TV (The Juanita Family & Friends recorded on 06/10/05)
15.) With A One (The Headliners recorded on 11/18/05)
16.) I Was Bowling Through The End Of The World (Tijuana Homers recorded on 11/30/04)
17.) Summer’s End (Gordon Taylor recorded on 12/17/05)

KPSU Playlist


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