Speechless Brothers, LIVE!

Speechless Brothers

Speechless Brothers

Speechless Brothers, LIVE! (Live Friday 050)

Originating from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon, Speechless Brothers are anything but dreary, cloudy-headed music. Ranging from delicate to epic, this duo, Jacob Anderson and Aaron Reyna, formerly Yuma Nora, infuse the “playing like your momma just died” of Parliament with a back beat ranging from the simplicity of the Silver Apples to the intensity of Coltrane. (For some free .mp3s, follow this link.)

Themes are the name of the game for this two, picturing ideas from hospital visits to just plain bad weeks, then performing them musically. Simply put, listening to these two is like watching a German expressionist film. Imagine what watching them perform can do. Until then, catch them here on Live Friday.


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