Scraetch Grillson

Scratch Grillson

Scratch Grillson

Scraetch Grillson (KPSU Phase I Episode 094)

New trainee and good friend Scraetch Grillson came down to the station to run a full hour of my show, where she picked the hits and I made slightly strange comments about her being my Helper Monkey. Obligatory “bands that we’re friends with” made the cut for this show, peppered with all the usual stuff that we listen to while drinking. Plus: this show comes with instructions! Tune in, won’t you?


01.) Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)* Shangri Las* Great Girl Groups
02.) A Town Test Site * Deerhoof * Live: “Koalamagic”
03.) Skin Cancer * Ahhh * The Wizard of Ahhh!Z
04.) Our Secret * Beat Happening * Beat Happening
05.) Late For Corn * Rollerball * Rollerball / VI Foot Sloth Split 7″
06.) Twilight Furniture * This Heat * This Heat
07.) Bury Me * Halo Benders * The Rebels Not In
08.) Lake Thay Mah Shoke * Saing Saing Maw * Guitars of the Golden Triangle: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 2
09.) No Suprise * Fugazi * End Hits
10.) Two Hounds * Quasi * Early Recordings
11.) Way of the Ocean * Three Mile Pilot * Another Desert Another Sea
12.) I Steel Your socks * Cold Pizza * Now Buying Souls By Appointment Only
13.) I Get Lonesome * Beck * One Foot In The Grave
14.) Denia * Manu Chao * Esperanza
15.) Pink Cigarette * Mr. Bungle * California

KPSU Playlist


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