The Purrs, LIVE!

The Purrs

The Purrs

The Purrs, LIVE! (Live Friday 059)

Let me set the stage for you: you’ve grown up on late ’70’s and early ’80’s indie rock, you’re proficient with your instruments, and you’ve got a good group of friends you like to hang out with. What do you do? Well, if you live in the Seattle area, you start a band called The Purrs, mixing pop rock and those fun atmospheric textures that stoners love so much into a sound that is not only pleasing to the ear, but who’s album “The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of” rewards after repeated listens. The Purrs are not only fun to listen to, but also watch, as they tend to avoid the usual indie-rock trappings and instead just go for what makes them comfortable. This proves that, while many have claimed its on its way out, indie rock is still holding strong.


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