20 Jazz Funk Greats

20 Jazz Funk Greats

20 Jazz Funk Greats

20 Jazz Funk Greats (KPSU Phase I Episode 106)

As one of my last Tuesday afternoon shows, I pulled out all the stops and turned everything up to 11. The new Boris kicks major ass, I previewed the up-and-commers New Bloods, and Aids Wolf is hitting the spot ohh-so-much these days. I plugged the hell out of my new time-slot (Wednesday Nights, 9 PM), and new listeners can think of this show as a blueprint for the kind of things they’ll hear if they tune in. Hope you caught this one live, cause our archive couldn’t handle this one. It was just TOO good.

01.) 20 Jazz Funk Greats * Throbbing Gristle * Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits
02.) Simon Legree * Thrones * Day Late, Dollar Short
03.) Woman On The Screen * Boris * Pink
04.) Korromda Peimm * Ruins * Pallaschtom
05.) Guess I’m Fallin’ In Love * Coachwhips * Double Death
06.) Be * The Hospitals * I’ve Visited The Land Of Jocks And Jazz
07.) Dkf-Ma * Yoshida Tatsuya * Drums, Voices, Keyboards & Guitar
08.) Nothing * DMBQ * The Essential Sounds From The Far East
09.) Opposing Walls * AIDS Wolf * The Lovvers LP
10.) This Is The Place * New Bloods * Live @ Dekum Manor
11.) Mastiff Mix * Pink Mountain * Pink Mountain
12.) Savage Composition * Don Caballero * World Class Listening Problem
13.) Concorde * Chevreuil * Capoeira
14.) I Denounce The Government * Stinking Lizaveta * Caught Between Worlds
15.) Headdresses In The Day Of Nathan * Zach Hill And Mick Barr * Shred Earthship
16.) Track 01 * Ocrilim * Anoint
17.) In Disguise * Yuma Nora * Jewels In The Snakepit
18.) Drastic Classicism * Rhys Chatham * Die Donnergotter (The Thundergods)

KPSU Playlist


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