The Beginning Of A New Era


Starting Something New

Starting Something New

The Beginning Of A New Era (Phase I Episode 107)

First 9 PM Wednesday Show! New Time! In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to pull out a lot of improvisational music, probably partially motivated by the Noise Jam we had on Sunday (still available for download here and here). Again, this show was too good to do sitting down. Since I’m surrounded by such good DJs before and after, it was tough going at first, but once I got the first song blasting, I knew it was gonna be alright. Token Coachwhips and Hospitals songs aside (I just can’t get enough of them), this show has a little bit of everything, which is probably a good place for new listeners to start with. Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful new era in The Church’s History! Praise Earl!

01.) Overture * Crispin Hellion Glover * THE BIG PROBLEM ≠ the solution. The Solution = LET IT BE.
02.) The Legend Of The Golden Arches * The Mothers Of Invention * Uncle Meat
03.) Lake Of Fire Memories * Nels Cline / Wally Shoup / Chris Corsano * Immolation / Immersion
04.) Blow * Glen Hall / Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker * Oasis Of Whispers
05.) Pig Cheese * Last Exit * Noise Of Trouble: Live In Tokyo
06.) Demon Sanctuary * John Zorn * Naked City
07.) Pearl Bomb * Melvins * Houdini Live 2005: A Live History of Gluttony and Lust
08.) Moving / Shaking * The Hospitals * I’ve visited the Island of Jocks and Jazz
09.) UFO, Please Take Her Home * Coachwhips * Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine
10.) You Give Me Hard-On * Little Fyodor * The Very Best Of Little Fyodor’s Greatest Hits!
11.) Joyful Noises * Hunger Artists * Cruisin’ In Zargon
12.) The Kids Are Insane * Pink Mountain * Pink Mountain
13.) Shoplifting * The Slits * cut
14.) Ritual * New Bloods * Live @ Dekum Manor
15.) Droppin’ In Like It’s Hot Again * Voltage * Nice Watch Mix Tape
16.) Uncle Steve * Jandek * Foriegn Keys
17.) Final Distance * The Homosexuals * Astral Glamour
18.) Burial Waltz * The Fugs * It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
19.) Caveman 5000 * Mr. Quintron * “These Hands Of Mine”
20.) Phreddy * Cold Pizza * I’m More Like I Am Then, Than I Was Now
21.) Rocktrall * Träd, Gräs Och Stenar * Mors Mors

KPSU Playlist


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