The Best of Live Friday

The Best Of Live Friday! (Live Friday 062)

For those of you who tuned in to listen to the Vulturines, the band did not show up for one reason or another. However, I stepped up to the challenge by playing some of my favorite performances on KPSU over the last year plus, and really dug deep into the archives to bring you music that you won’t hear anywhere else. Highlights include Dr. Frank Portman (of The Mr. T Experience), The BellRays, Courage, Jesse Ransom, Cassia Gammil, and The Headliners… in addition to other great music, too. This is a great episode to start with for those who want to know the kind of things you’ll hear on KPSU.


01.) Thus Spake Zarathustra * Duckmandu * In-Studio Performance on 05/05/06
02.) Late For Soundcheck Blues * The KPSU Pledge Drive Request Band * In-Studio Performance on 05/16/06
03.) I Wanna Ramone You * Dr. Frank Portman * In-Studio Performance on 05/24/06
04.) The Difficulties Of Being A Brachiopod * The Mayonnaise vs. Venn * In-Studio Performance on 04/07/06
05.) Attraction / Distraction * Jesse Ransom * In-Studio Performance on 06/06/06
06.) Been Hiding (I Still Feel Like Dancing) * Cassia Gammil * In-Studio Performance on 05/23/06
07.) Dying At Your Job * If If, Was Was… * In-Studio Performance on 12/20/05
08.) Please Please Please * Thee Headliners * In-Studio Performance on 11/18/05
09.) Time Is Gone * The Bellrays * In-Studio Performance on 05/18/06
10.) Swank * Courage * In-Studio Performance on 12/10/04
11.) Wired For Sound * The Bugs Of Lightning * In-Studio Performance on 03/11/05
12.) Invisible City * Gordon Taylor * In-Studio Performance on 12/17/05
13.) Anchors & Pride * Dance Card * In-Studio Performance on 12/16/05
14.) Just A Minute… * The Black Noise Orchestra * In-Studio Performance on 06/25/06
15.) Moon Over Marin * Duckmandu * In-Studio Performance on 05/05/06

KPSU Playlist


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