A Lot Of The Usual Weird Stuff




A Lot Of The Usual Weird Stuff (Phase I Episode 108)

Two Hours Of Madness! Since Cybil War was gone this week, I dig deep into my collection and pull out two hours of great stuff for ya’ll to enjoy. For hour #1 I play a lot of the usual weird stuff that’s been getting me off lately. For hour two, I flew in some of my lackeys (one of which was celebrating a birthday) and let them do all the work for me. From start to finish it’s a strange mix o’ stuff, but the rock never stopped, and by the end we’d run the entire gamut of tunes. This is great for one of those parties that starts out really weird but ends with folks wanting to do the pop-punk shuffle.


01.) Ran Amber * Pelican * Invaders
02.) We’re No Here * Mogwai * Mr. Beast
03.) 02 * Sote * Dastgaah
04.) Uh-Oh * Nice Nice * Yesss!
05.) Fly Like A Rat * Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat * Swamp Tech
06.) Start To Move * Wire * Pink Flag
07.) 2wice * Mission Of Burma * The Obliterati
08.) At My Job * Dead Kennedys * Frankenchrist
09.) My Job At The Hive * Coachwhips * Double Death
10.) Silvery Colorado * Thrones * Day Late, Dollar Short
11.) Twilight Furniture * This Heat * This Heat
12.) Biography Of The Sun * Pink Mountain * Pink Mountain
13.) Tire Bracelets For Coffin Life * Zach Hill And Mick Barr * Shred Earthship
14.) It Took The Night To Believe * Sun 0))) * Black One
15.) Just A Min It * The Black Noise Orchestra * Recorded Live on 06/25/06
16.) Zombi * Los Sleepers * Mas Rock And Roll: 26 Rare 60’s Teen-Punk Artyfacts
17.) Search And Destroy * The Stooges * Raw Power
18.) Semi-OK * The Mr. T Experience * Love Is Dead
19.) Pyrite Pedestal * Pretty Girls Make Graves * Élan Vital
20.) Gone * Scared of Chaka * 7″
21.) Big News * These Arms Are Snakes * Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home
22.) Please Please Please * The Headliners * The Headliners
23.) Preacher Man * Power of County * Dirty Western
24.) Something Finally Impressed You * Wet Confetti * Policia de la Educacion
25.) Dr. Worm * They Might Be Giants * Dial A Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants
26.) Merry Un-Birthday * Alice In Wonderland Cast * Walt Disney’s Story Of Alice In Wonderland
27.) Boxcar * Jawbreaker * 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
28.) Tough Ghost * The Unicorns * Who WIll Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?
29.) Your Rules * Andrew W.K. * The Wolf
30.) Tainted Love * Soft Cell * Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

KPSU Playlist


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