Tage Part II


The Sweet & Sour Savage Hour

The Sweet & Sour Savage Hour

Tage Part II (KPSU Phase I Episode 114)

Round Two! Tage is quickly becoming a favorite DJ around KPSU, and this week we asked him back to pick out more rare and wonderful records that fill my heart with so much joy. We start the show off with a tribute to the late great Arthur Lee, and then move straight into the obscuro with The Wimps, Disco Zombies, & Slug (Lovemakers). Jasun and Leigh pop their heads in briefly, and we chat about records all through the hour. If “Boys Will Be Boys” doesn’t do something for you, then there is something seriously wrong with your sensibilites.

At this time our show was on from 9 P.M. – 10 P.M.


01.) 7 And 7 Is * Love * Nuggets
02.) Summer Thoughts In A Field Of Weed * Q65 * The Complete Collection (1966-1969)
03.) Exciter * Judas Priest * Stained Class
04.) Gun * John Cale * Guts
05.) Sweat Pea * Tommy Roe * Dizzy
06.) Modern Girls * The Wimps * Messthetics #4
07.) Est-ce que tu le sais? * Sylvie Vartan * Sylvie
08.) Drums Over London * The Disco Zombies * Killed By Death Brittish D.I.Y. Vol 1
09.) Deaf Disco * Slugfuckers * Cacophony: 1979-1981
10.) Rumble On Mersey Square South * Wimple Winch * “Rumble On Mersey Square South” b/w “Typical British Workmanship”
11.) Boys Will Be Boys * The Fast * The Best Of The Fast: 1976-1984
12.) Tally Ho * The Clean * Anthology
13.) Split * Liliput * Liliput
14.) Kicks * Paul Revere & The Raiders * Midnight Ride
15.) Second Cousin * Flamin’ Groovies * Flamingo

KPSU Playlist


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