Tage Part III



Tage Part III (KPSU Phase I Episode 116)

Tage returns! Round III! I have to say, I am more or less in love with this man’s taste in music. Everything this man plays fills my heart with joy and makes me sit up and take notice. After a week off, Tage pulls out all the old records and thrills me with an hour of cool, cool rock music to make anyone’s mind melt. He covers the entire gammut, and leaves room to spare. Not only that, but he covers the hour after me solo, so if you like what you heard, check out the ten o’clock hour. I would suggest downloading all three Tage shows. They really are a trilogy.


01.) Memo To Turner * Rolling Stones * Metamorphosis
02.) Cherry Red * The Groundhogs * Groundhogs Best 1969 – 72
03.) Stop This Train * Kevin Ayers * Joy Of A Toy
04.) Closet Kings * Legendary Pink Dots * Legendary Pink Dots
05.) Funky Punk * Dillinger * Cocaine In My Brain
06.) Surfing With Steve & Idi Amin * Hellen Keller * Killed By Death #999
07.) Transparent Radiation [Excerpt] * The Red Crayola * Parable Of Arable Land
08.) Saigon * William S. Fischer * Circles
09.) Chango * Devo * Hardcore Vol. 2
10.) Fat Cow * Nervous Gender * Nervous Gender / Beelzebub Youth Split
11.) Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput * Modulo 1000 * Não Fale Com Paredes
12.) Low Rent * Rentals * Killed By Death #666
13.) Bad Baby * Public Image Ltd. * Paris In The Spring
14.) Mister, You’re A Better Man Than I * The Yardbirds * The Very Best Of…

KPSU Playlist


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