Roxy Epoxy

Roxy Epoxie

Roxy Epoxy

Roxy Epoxie (KPSU Phase I Episode 121)

Roxy joins me for a second time, to spin records of her selection, and spend another hour of our lives dancing ’til we can’t dance no more. We cut through the treakle and, instead, let her pull out all the hits that keep her going while on tour, and condense them down into an easy-to-digest radio show format. Along the way we’re joined by Satan (calling in to discuss “roommate” issues with Roxy), and we cover almost all the bases, from The Nuns to the Exploding Hearts. This one was so much fun, I wish all my shows were like this. Hell yeah.

At this time, our show was on from 9 P.M. – 10 P.M.


01.) Booze Town * Spider
02.) 4 A.M. * The Girls * The Girls
03.) Doppleganger Death Disco * Theo & The Skyscrapers * Theo & The Skyscrapers
04.) Awesome Snacks * Awesome Snakes
05.) All Queued Up * Deaf School * English Boys / Working Girls
06.) Love And Ulcers * The Briefs * Off the Charts
07.) Don’t Lose It * Marked Men * On The Outside
08.) Multiply And Divide * The Soviettes * LP III
09.) Pink Turns To Blue * Hüsker Dü * Zen Arcade
10.) Blackman * Hazel O’Connor * Breaking Glass
11.) Rat Brains & Microchips * Lost Sounds * Rat Brains & Microchips
12.) Wild * The Nuns * The Nuns
13.) Ride A White Horse * Goldfrapp * Supernature
14.) Sniffing Glue * The Exploding Hearts * Dirtnap Across The Northwest
15.) Trash * Doll * Beggar’s Banquet: The Punk Singles Collection
16.) Do The Pop * Radio Birdman * The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978
17.) All I Could Take * Pointed Sticks * Waiting For The Real Thing

KPSU Playlist


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