The New Bloods, LIVE!

The New Bloods

The New Bloods

The New Bloods, LIVE! (Live Friday 070)

The New Bloods are an all-girl art-punk trio, enamored with and influenced by a wide array of musical sounds and styles. Using violin, bass, guitar & drums, all three use their distinctive voices to produce a natural sound that makes you feel like you’ve shed your clothes are are enjoyably covering yourself in mud and leaves. Their music makes you want to dance, sing, and explore your dream life time and again. Fortunately you can have this experience by tuning in to hear them on Live Friday.


01.) You Can Touch * The A-Lines * You Can Touch
02.) Tax Dollar * Erase Errata * Nightlife
03.) The Breeze * Quix*O*Tic * Mortal Mirror
04.) Silver Snake Lump Of Pearls * Taigaa! * Taigaa!
05.) Buck Town Corner * The Jay Tees * Feel Like Jumping: The 06.) Best of Studio One Women
07.) Kung Fu on the Internet * Lung Leg * Made To Minx
08.) Capricornations * Mika Miko * C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.

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