Prize Country, LIVE!

Prize Country

Prize Country

Prize Country, LIVE! (Live Friday 073)

Consisting of ex-members of Glance Failed, Clarity Process, Shamelady and Union of the Snake, Prize Country borrows nothing from it’s past. Moving onward, these four gentlemen have decided to take music back to its basic and most inspirational form – ROCK AND ROLL. Big guitars and drums mixed with thick storming bass licks blaze through understandable compositions. Forget the math-rock, forget the jazz-improv-metal-fusion mixture, forget the emo-screamo, bleed-your-heart, cry-on-your-shoulder sentimentality. Rock is back. Prize Country blends influences from mid 90’s era stalwarts a la Failure and/or Barkmarket, with a serrated punk undercurrent of earlier era Dischord, like Fugazi. But make no mistake – this is point blank rock and roll, and you can here it here on Live Friday.


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