Ginggang, LIVE!



Ginggang, LIVE! (Live Friday 074)

Guest hosted by Sascha.  Formed several years ago by Nissa Diamant, Portland’s Ginggang is a mix of metal, glam, and hard rock fused with Eastern European, Old English and American traditional styles. After much searching Nissa found Annamari Navratil to play violin, and Jason “The Barber” Repas to play drums, rounding out the line-up and giving Ginggang their current form. Like a folk band that has mutated through prolonged exposure to electricity, Ginggang features violin, guitar and concertina with a heavy rhythm section. Think Tom Waits meets Black Sabbath at a Gypsy camp, led by intense, soulful lyrics. The band lurches and grinds through metal riffs and sultry old world melodies, with dueling guitar and violin highwire solos, and slinking concertina vamps with thick, heavy basslines backing it up. But the only real way to experience Ginggang today is to listen here, now, on Live Friday.





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