Episode 001: Of A Beginning


And So It Begins Again...

And So It Begins Again…

Episode 001: Of A Beginning (Radio About Radio)
(Where Austin Rich returns to the airwaves after a mysterious absence… but where has he been?)

My second comeback show!

Well, the first episode finished a couple hours ago, and I think it was quite a success.  After a brief re-introduction to the medium of radio (and, to one degree, my previous radio incarnations), we jump into an episode that could just as easily have been called, “Radio About Radio.” All the hits (and a few misses) crop up throughout this audio-essay, complete with a Radio Recommendation, and Mr. Joel Gaddis co-staring as “Jerry.”

Some Interesting Factioids of Note: There are three clips from my previous radio broadcasts near the beginning of my show. The first was recorded on January 6th, 1999, exactly 10 years ago, with my then-co-host Holden Craft. That show was broacast at KWVA. The other two clips are from my tenure at KPSU: 06/29/04 (my first comeback show, with Dabney Coleman Knife Fight behind my talking), and 09/18/07 (my second-last show ever).

The “There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Radio” Clip comes from a mix-tape my friend (and ex-bandmate) Syd Louse made me in or around 1995. He recorded it off of a radio station he listened to obsessively as a kid in the ’80’s, the same time I grew up with radio (but in another rural town an hour away). I felt it was nice to play that a bring it full circle.

“WWED”: What Would Earl Do. As a member of the Church Of Blasphuphmus, you can always learn from Earl’s teachings.

“Talk Dirty To Me” is also sort of an inside joke between me and Syd, though in the years since it has taken on an additional significance for me, probably because of that.

“Night Court,” meanwhile, is a bit of an inside joke between myself & Holden Craft (dating back to Jr. High, practically). He and I played it on my show on January 6th, 1999. Again, I was going for the “full circle” effect.

While it’s a rather obvious pick, “This Is Radio Clash” was also important to me because I also played it on my first-ever broadcast when I started at KWVA.

“New Hit Radio”: My roommate of 15 years introduced me to Unwound. I never formally got to thank him for that, so I just play them a lot on my show and think of him.

The Parts & Labor song was picked only because I discovered that band via the Sound Opinions show.

Everything Else Not Already Cited / Credited: Mine Mine Mine!

Next week, stay tuned for It’s Alive: Part I, where I feature some of the recent live recordings I’ve made at KPSU.

As always, your input helps make the show, so please, feel free to send your comments and criticisms to: austinrich [at] gmail [ditty-dot] com. It’s the only way we learn.

See ya next week!

4 thoughts on “Episode 001: Of A Beginning

  1. >I listened and really enjoyed the show. However, on my laptop it was hard to hear you speak over the background. Prolly just a speaker sound issue. But I liked the selections a lot (even without The Selecter!).


  2. >When I was recording the show, I couldn’t use my good microphone, as it’s still on loan to The Judge. I also feel like I’m still getting into the swing of things. Eventually things will get better.



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