Episode 014: The Adventures of Superman Part III

Tune In And Follow The Story!

Tune In And Follow The Story!

Episode 014: Blasphuphmus Radio Theater Presents! The Adventures of Superman Part III

This one only just made it on the air, but when you’ve got Superman on your side, things just get done.   I always love doing these Superman shows.

It’s been far too long since Blasphuphmus Radio Theater Presents! was on the air, and with a lull in my broadcast schedule, I decided to finally bring listeners Part III. At times various circumstances seemed to be conspiring against this broadcast, but in the end it all came together, and without a moment to spare.

I need to make a correction in the footnotes from Part II: “The Yellow Mask” storyline is only three episodes long, rather than the six I claimed. One thing I’ve noticed regarding Old Time Radio is that documentation is often hard to find, so I’m slowly piecing all of this together as I go. This things happen, but fortunately this means that this episode concludes that story, and begins a new one, referred to by some fans as “The North Star Mining Company.” Again, to keep with tradition, I included more music by Raymond Scott to use as a backing track, which is always a good addition to any broadcast.

To keep with tradition I dug up some Old Time Commercials, and also managed to get a couple of KPSU DJs to make a pair of drops that were debuted during this broadcast. These episodes are always fun to do, but are somewhat time-consuming to throw together. I can’t say when I’ll be doing another one, but hopefully it’ll be soon.

See ya in seven!

The Adventures of Superman Part III!

Episode 9: Threat to the Planet Building * 1 March 1940
Superman manages to stop The Yellow Mask’s plan, and causes his plane to crash. But The Yellow Mask’s body is not found among its wreckage.

Episode 10: Fire in the Sterling Building * 4 March 1940
Superman rescues a woman from a burning building, and takes her to a hospital.

Episode 11: The Stabbing of June Anderson * 6 March 1940
The girl that superman rescued – June Anderson – is stabbed in the hospital by two of the crooks who run The North Star Mining Company.

Episode 12: North Star Mining Company * 8 March 1940
June has given her brother – a captain on The Steamship Madison – some documents that will bring to justice the people who run The North Star Mining Company.


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