Episode 028: The Adventures of Superman Part IV!

The North Star Mining Company

The North Star Mining Company

Episode 028: Blasphuphmus Radio Theater Presents!: The Adventures of Superman, Part IV
(Featuring three vintage 1940 recordings of the legendary The Adventures of Superman serial, including contemporary music and commercials as a continuous broadcast.)

A slew of live performances prevented us from finishing The North Star Mining Company storyline from the classic radio serial, The Adventures of Superman. But fear not, for today we conclude this story in Part IV of our new series, and include a variety of music with this broadcast, all from the time period in question. It’s that extra step that we love to take to bring you your radio entertainment.

Not only will you find three episodes of vintage Old Time Radio from March, 1940, but contemporary commercials, too. Another shoutout goes to archive.org, my supplier for all these wonderful sounds. I should point out that I used a variety of recording methods to recreate the “Old Time” sound, so this episode in particular is going to sound a little strange. I think, by the time we get around to doing Part V, I will have perfected the style.

I also have to thank Ricardo Wang, not only for giving me ideas of how I could present this episode, but for being the excellent radio fill-in host that he always is. No Skinny Ties was great last week, and for that, I commend you. Lastly: thank you Isosceles Diego, who let me record this episode in his house while he was out of town. The echo was, at times, perfect.

This one’s a shocker, and includes a huge twist to the ongoing story at the very end! You won’t want to miss this.

Tune in and follow the story…

See you in seven.

The Adventures of Superman Part IV

Episode 13: The Steamship Madison * 11 March 1940
The crooks who work at The North Star Mining Company board the Madison to retrieve the documents that could blackmail them, but Superman arrives to rescue the captain of the steamship

Episode 14: Plane to Canyon City * 13 March 1940
Clark Kent takes a plane to Canyon City in order to stop the crooks who run The North Star Mining Company

Episode 15: Left to be Killed 15 March 1940
The crooks behind The North Star Mining Company have their plan entirely backfire, and everything winds up just fine.  For now.


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