Episode 037: The Adventures Of Superman Part V!

The Man Of Steel Himself!

The Man Of Steel Himself!

Episode 037: Blasphuphmus Radio Theater Presents!: The Adventures Of Superman Part V
(Where I bring you all six parts of the super-serial, The Mystery Of Dyerville, and some incidental music from a 1939 Broadcast from Washington D.C.)

The Man of Steel is always vigilant, working night and day to keep America safe from evildoers everywhere, and this week, he’s trying to stop The Yellow Mask as he shows up again to wreck havoc in a town that could very well have been your own. Ladies and Gentlemen, covering for What’s This Called?, I bring you a two-hour, six-part extravaganza, The Mystery Of Dyerville!

See ya in seven!

The Adventures of Superman Part V!: The Mystery of Dyerville

Episode 16: The Prison Riot * 18 March 1940
Episode 17: The Steam Plant * 20 March 1940
Episode 18: The Wolfe vs the Yellow Mask * 22 March 1940
Episode 19: The Yellow Mask Escapes * 25 March 1940
Episode 20: The Mystery of Dyerville (1 of 2) * 27 March 1940
Episode 21: The Mystery of Dyerville (2 of 2) * 29 March 1940

The Yellow Mask, clearly having survived the airplane crash, has teamed up with The Wolfe and Keno, to begin causing “accidents” in the city of Dyerville, while Clark Kent and Lois Lane are sent to investigate this jinxed town.


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