Episode 048: In A Mood



Episode 048: In A Mood
(Featuring long & dour music from the Austin Rich collection.)

Let the time and the season dictate what you listen to, and tune in to a miserific, two-hour episode of Blasphuphmus Radio featuring long songs, moody instrumentals, lonely droney audio, and one depressed DJ. What more could you ask for on a cold and stormy day?

As today’s show features songs of an unusual length (for radio), I decided to dig up a show from 2005, which also featured music with equivalent attributes, which got played during the 11 AM hour.

Retrocast of “Long Songs” (11/01/05)
(Featuring long, but decidedly less dour, music from the Austin Rich collection.)

Playlist & Footnotes.

The claim made in the playlist for the retrocast is accurate: that is the fewest number of songs I’ve ever played in a single show. But, somehow, it works. Really.

Blah. I need a nap.

See ya in seven.


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