Episode 057: Lulina (from Brazil), LIVE!



Episode 057: Lulina (from Brazil), LIVE!
(Featuring a live performance by Lulina, on tour all the way from Brazil.)

Playlist & Footnotes

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Ricardo Wang has connections to this band going back to his old radio show when he was based out of Olympia. This group was recently nominated as one of the top 20 bands out of Brazil by Rolling Stone magazine, and through a series of circumstances, found themselves wanting an on-air gig at KPSU. I was extremely excited to not only run sound for them, but meet a touring band from Brazil. They were incredibly friendly, very organized, and rocked quite a bit. I should point out that Ricardo and I tag-teamed this show, and I couldn’t have done it without him.

I also managed to snap a few images of them, which you can find here:

Sorry this one got posted late. Things have been kinda crazy lately. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running smoothly with our show this Saturday.

See ya then.


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