signal-to-noise ratio w/ The Ax, LIVE!

The Ax on signal-to-noise ratio

The Ax

signal-to-noise ratio w/ The Ax, LIVE!
(Featuring a live performance, DJ set, and interview with local rock duo, The Ax!)

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Always looking to lend a hand for my good friends at signal-to-noise ratio, I stopped by KPSU last night to run sound for an excellent local band that were kind enough to grace The Station with their presence. Ob-soive.

I always enjoy working with Ranger Mike, but this band was more than worth the usual bribes and favors that he offers when I come in to run sound. I highly recommend checking out their record, Our Queen of Dirt, and look for a split 7″ they put out with a French group whose name escapes me. These guys not only rocked quite a bit, but were some of the nicest folks I ever met.


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