Episode 070: It’s Alive Part V: Experimental Jive

Warning: Experimental Music

Warning: Experimental Music

Episode 070: It’s Alive Part V: Experimental Jive
(Featuring live music, recorded by Austin Rich at KPSU, with a particularly experimental bent.)

While Ricardo Wang is out of town enjoying the Olympia Experimental Music Festival this week, I thought I’d look back at our working relationship, and bring you a host of Live Music that I recorded during various live events that happened on his very own What’s This Called? program in the last few years. Regular listeners (or either of our shows) know that our history goes back to 2005, when he was a guest on my show, which led to his return to radio as a host at KPSU. Since then, we’ve had a variety of amazing guests come in to play live on his show, and I’ve become his sound man of choice. While I love this kind of music, I don’t feature it nearly enough on my own show. With that in mind, I thought I’d take my favorite selections from these recordings for the most recent installment of, “It’s Alive!”

I didn’t have to go back very far to come up with more than enough material to fill two hours, and actually found myself cutting quite a bit of material anyway just to keep things moving. In fact, there is only one selection from before 2009: the extremely incredible performance by the Japanese group, Green Milk From The Planet Orange, who are sadly no longer together. I still can’t believe I got to run sound for them, and this is one of the recordings I’m the most proud of. Still, it was hard to believe how much great music I’ve had a chance to be involved with in only the last two years. Whenever he and I are in the laboratory together, really amazing things happen.

Summer is just around the bend, and that means anything can (and usually does) happen on Blasphuphmus Radio. As we start to prepare for the next couple months, rest assured that the usual cavalcade of cacophony will be coming your way, all with a decidedly summer-laden feel. I, personally, can’t wait.

See ya in seven.

Experimental Jive
# Track * Artist * Performance Date
01.) Excerpt * Toiletooth * 13 March, 2010 Broadcast
02.) Excerpt * Abusive Delay * 2 May, 2009
03.) Excerpt * EET * 14 March, 2009
04.) Excerpt * Knot Pine Box * 15 August, 2009
05.) Excerpt * Moodring * 21 March, 2010
06.) Excerpt * The Passengers * 7 November, 2009
07.) Excerpt * Million Brazilians * 6 June, 2009
08.) Excerpt * Death Worth Living * 4 April, 2009
09.) [A Song] * Santiago Latorre * 31 May, 2009
10.) Stockholm * Horde Of Two * 27 June, 2009
11.) Part I * New Red Sun * 3 October, 2009
12.) Excerpt * Mangled Bohemians * 12 September, 2009
13.) Excerpt * Green Milk From the Planet Orange * 14 October, 2006

KPSU Playlist


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