Episode 085: Wizard Rifle, LIVE!

Wizard Rifle

Wizard Rifle

Episode 085: Wizard Rifle, LIVE! w/ Hogwash
(Featuring a live performance by an amazing local band, Wizard Rifle!)

A while back Hogwash called me and asked if I wanted to see Wizard Rifle at Duckett’s.  By their second song, I turned to him and insisted that we get them on KPSU as soon as possible.  The continued to kick out the jams, and while I don’t remember anything about the other bands that night, they managed to rock the airwaves for almost an hour, threw down a hilarious interview, and helped Hogwash DJ for the rest of the show.  I was looking forward to this one for quite some time, and they really stepped up to the plate.  For the evidence, you need to listen to this show.

Wizard Rifle

Wizard Rifle

If you haven’t seen Wizard Rifle live, it’s really hard to define what kind of music they play.  Metal?  Rock?  Noise?  Confused Modern Fantasy?  Fuck if I know.  They’re one of those bands that will constantly get pigeon-holed as being a two-piece band, which sucks because they are so much more.  Their musical prowess is only matched by their sense of humor and their energy.  If they didn’t talk it up enough during the show, they’re kicking off the first night of the Fall Into Darkness on October 7th at Berbati’s Pan.  Hopefully that’s not the only reason you go to the festival (ahem, Rabbits, Red Fang, Witch Mountain, ahem), but regardless, they’re awesome.

For this show, I ran the sound, and Hogwash ran the board.  He, more or less, runs KPSU on Sundays, and has been in radio for quite some time.  His show, Is This Music?, is a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning.  I was really stoked to do a show with him, and I’m hoping to do more radio with him now that we’ve worked out this dynamic.  He and I picked out some of the music for the DJ sets, but he basically ran the show for this one.  We have pretty similar tastes, so it worked out great.

See ya in seven.

Wizard Rifle
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Glitter * No Age * Everything In Between
02.) That’s When I Reach For My Revolver * Mission Of Burma * The Definitive Collection
03.) Man Of Steel * Jay Reatard * Watch Me Fall * Matador Records
04.) Heathen Child * Grinderman * Grindman 2
05.) Live In-Studio Performance * Wizard Rifle

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