Episode 086: Moth Hunter & Knuckle Children, Live!

Knuckle Children

Knuckle Children

Episode 086: Moth Hunter & Knuckle Children, LIVE!
(Featuring a live performances by local audio experimentalists, Moth Hunter & Knuckle Children.)

Much of the usual fare on Blasphuphmus Radio runs fairly left of center, as I like to think that a weekly dose of my show is the right kind of subversion to keep the world on its toes. However, once in a while I like to pull out the big guns, and do a full-on noise assault.  Enter Moth Hunter and Knuckle Children, experimental noise artists with a penchant for home-brewed electronics, to the KPSU studios, for a two-hour sonic attack that can only be described as wonderfully insane.

Moth Hunter

Moth Hunter

While I’ve known the primary mover and shaker of Moth Hunter for quite some time now, it wasn’t until about two months ago that I realized he made his own Circuit Bent gear for his live performances. As a fan of Circuit Bending (and all things noisy), I followed him into his lab where I found a fantastic assortment of crazy shit: weird bent keyboards, strange metal boxes with all sorts of switches and knobs, and an infinite well of ideas. I knew immediately we had to set up a radio appearance, and by the next week, we’d scheduled a radio gig.

As the show is two hours, he contacted his buddy, who with, together, are Knuckle Children. This particular pair made beautiful noise together a while back, but recent events have pushed Knuckle Children to the back burner. This, then, was a sort of radio reunion, bringing back together their particular blend of aural manipulation. I found the turn of events particularly amusing to me: while my radio co-hort Ricardo Wang usually has bands like this on his show quite often, during the week he is absent I put on my most What’s This Called?-sounding-show in months. I love it when a plan comes together.

To better suit the kind of performance these guys are used to, we made a couple of decisions about how we wanted to set up this gig: Moth Hunter wanted to start, and have Knuckle Children come in half-way through, uninterrupted. And in a way, bands like this lend themselves quite well to a long-form set. So we planned to incorporate my Legal ID for the 2 PM hour into the show; if listen at the beginning of hour two, you’ll hear Knuckle Children begin their set by mangling my own voice as I handle my top of the hour announcements. But the bulk of this two-hour show is a nearly hour and forty minute blast of pure electronic mayhem. Be warned.

I had a lot of fun with this show, and there’s already talk of some return appearances. (As live appearances, and to lend a hand DJing.) I’m pretty excited to see what the future will hold. Even after 12 years, I’m still excited to see where this show will end up.

See ya in seven.

Moth Hunter & Knuckle Children
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Cheezus Remix [Excerpt] * Moth Hunter * MySpace.com * Self-Released
02.) Kill Your Face [Excerpt] * Moth Hunter * MySpace.com * Self-Released
03.) Live Performance * Moth Hunter * 25 September 2010 * Blasphuphmus Radio
04.) Live Performance * Knuckle Children * 25 September 2010 * Blasphuphmus Radio
05.) Jade Planet Rain [Excerpt] * Knuckle Children * MySpace.com * Self-Released

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