Episode 095: The Grumpy Punk Part V: Vinyl Soultion Part IV

Punk Record Blowout

Punk Record Blowout

Episode 095: The Grumpy Punk Part V: Vinyl Soultion Part IV
(Featuring a two-for-one deal with an installment of The Grumpy Punk, all on vinyl.)

Due to an unfortunate technical problem at KPSU this weekend, Episode 095 of Blasphuphmus Radio was not recorded, and was only available to those who listened live at 98.1 FM on the PSU campus, and at kpsu.org.

Hopefully, some of you caught it. And, if you by chance caught a recording of it too, I would love to hear it. But chances are, this one is lost to the ether. This was a two-for-one episode is some ways: it was the fifth installment of The Grumpy Punk, AND the fourth installment of Vinyl Solution. I may try to do a recreation of it someday, as it was a really fun show to DJ. But for the time being, I’ll just have to let this one go.

Next week, tune in for a very special appearance by my good buddy Will. It’s been almost a year since we teamed up for a radio show, and I think this one will be a doozy. It may even be another Grumpy Punk show. It just depends on how it all plays out.

See ya then.

The Grumpy Punk Part V: Vinyl Soultion Part IV
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Puncher * The Ventures
02.) Rosemary * The Dickies
03.) In A Jar * Dinosaur Jr.
04.) (The Original) Neutron Bomb * The Controllers
05.) Teenage * The Weirdos
06.) Victims * The Skulls
07.) I’m In Love With Your Mom * VOM
08.) Don’t Talk To Me * The Eyes
09.) Communist Eyes [Live] * Germs
10.) Cathy’s Theme * The Ventures
11.) I Don’t Care * Ramones
12.) When My Baby’s Beside Me * Big Star
13.) Doctor Please * Blue Cheer
14.) Un-Huh * Thee Headliners * We Made These Songs * We Made These Records
15.) Jesus And Tequila * Minutemen
16.) Runnin’ Strong * The Ventures
17.) Flame On! / CYBERFORCE * The 1, 4, 5s
18.) I Don’t Want To Hear It * Minor Threat
19.) I Hate Everything * Defiance
20.) Officer * Murder City Devils
21.) Coup D’etat * Circle Jerks
22.) Dripper * Brainwashers
23.) Repo Man * Iggy Pop
24.) Bamba * The Ventures
25.) Punishment Farm / Our Secret / World I Never Made * Oswald Five-O
26.) Rapunzel’s Unrest * Klorox Girls * I’m One Me Too 7″ * Grinning Idiot Records
27.) Wailer’s House Party * Satan’s Pilgrims * Haunted House Party 7″ * EmPtY Records
28.) Caroline * Pierced Arrows
29.) Wild Action * The Ventures
30.) Drinking Song * Ashtray
31.) The Loudest Voice * Straitjacket
32.) Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More * Mudhoney
33.) Recall * Jonestown
34.) Caterpillar * Unwound
35.) In Half * Sleep Capsule
36.) Vast Deference * The Miss
37.) The End Of All Things * NoMeansNo
38.) Jigsaw Feeling * Siouxie and the Banshees
39.) When The Shit Hits The Fan * Circle Jerks
40.) Lonely Karen * The Ventures
41.) I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive * Hank Williams

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