Episode 103: Live Live Live!

Paco Jones

Paco Jones

Episode 103: Live Live Live! w/ Hogwash, Paco Jones, Spokane Belmont & Gender Roles!
(A three-hour presentation, hosted by Hogwash of Is This Music?, featuring live performances by Paco Jones, Spokane Belmont and Gender Roles!)

Not content to deliver our usual weekly blast of radio with some cleverly selected songs and concise talk breaks, this week Blasphuphmus Radio brings you something a little bit crazy, merely because we can. Prepare yourselves for a three-hour block of Live Music. Ob-soive!:

Spokane Belmont

Spokane Belmont

This one slowly developed into the show it became. First, Gender Roles contacted me about a live in-studio, and very soon Spokane Belmont got added to the bill. But when

Gender Roles

Gender Roles

Ricardo Wang came down ill this week, and he asked me to host Paco Jones as well, I called in the big guns and asked Hogwash to host the show for me while I ran sound. Hogwash is a radio genius, and his show is one of the best things on the dial these days (he also works over at KBOO, engineering twice a month on Mondays). Between his know-how, and my sound-tech skillz, this proved to be a fantastic three-hour block of radio that you can’t deny.

Who knows what the future holds? Tune in, and find out.

See ya in seven.

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