Episode 126: Sight Beyond Sight

Sight Beyond Sight

Sight Beyond Sight

Episode 126: Sight Beyond Sight

For a medium that is entirely tied to one sense – aural – music can convey a surprising number of dimensions and facets that go beyond the sound-only format.  This got me thinking around radio you can see: the big trend these days is to podcast your show in a visual format, too.  Well, prior to all this fancy technology, when radio wanted you to see something, it had to be very careful about how it did it.  Was it possible to deliver Sight Beyond Sight?  There was only one way to find out.

I was very happy with the selection and diversity of songs that I was able to fit into this particular show, and I think the flow works very nicely.  I like the slow build to a sludge metal finish, and having a little VU at the end to help tie things up is always a nice way to end a show.  It is only my regret that I had to follow the wonderful but somber episode of What’s This Called? this week, featuring a memorial tribute to Ricardo Wang’s wife, who committed suicide this last week.  She will be missed, and the tribute was both beautiful and tear-inducing.  It was a tough act to follow, but I think I managed to help lighten the mood as much as it is possible, all things considered.

Of note this week is the SuperFriends sample I managed to sneak in.  I made that recording at some point in 1998, just before this show was even a glimmer in my eye, and have been waiting for an appropriate time to use it.  Good things come to those who wait.  I would also like to point out the last-minute addition to the show, “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes,” which came to us via Audience Participation.  It’s that easy, folks.  @blasphuphmus on twitter, or 503-725-5945 during the live show.  Anyone can do it.

Lastly, I want to thank Hogwash for his recommendations during the second hour of the show. As usual, his ideas were way better than mine.

See ya in seven.

Sight Beyond Sight Playlist:

# Title * Artist * Album * Label
01.) The Seeker * The Who * Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy * Polydor Records
02.) I’ll See You In My Dreams * Django Reinhardt * The Best Of Django Reinhardt * Blue Note Records
03.) I See Lights * King Khan & The Shrines * What Is?! * Vice Records
04.) Can You See? * Thee Oh Sees * Help * In The Red Records
05.) Reflections From The Looking Glass * 1910 Fruitgum Company * “Simon Says” b/w “Reflections From The Looking Glass” * Buddha Records
06.) Don’t Look Back * The Remains * Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968 * Rhino Records
07.) Anyone Seen That Cat * Thee Hell Cows * Paver EP * Tim / Kerr Records
08.) See No Evil * Television * Marquee Moon * Elektra Records
09.) T.V. Eye * The Stooges * Fun House * Elektra Records
10.) See Through * Sailboats * Sailboats * Pecho Grande Records
11.) Seen Not Heard * Unwound * A Single History * Kill Rock Stars
12.) See-Thru Plastic * Nice Nice * Chrome * Temporary Residence Records
13.) I Unseen * The Misunderstood * “Children of the Sun” b/w “I Unseen” * Fontana Records
13.) You’ll See * Zoomers * Homework #5 * Hyped 2 Death Records
14.) “To See What They Could See” * Batman & Robin * Super Friends TV Show * ABC Television
15.) The World Looks Red * Sonic Youth * Confusion Is Sex / Kill Yr. Idols * DGC Records
16.) See The Leaves * The Flaming Lips * Embryonic * Warner Bros. Records
17.) See How We Are (Demo) * X * Beyond & Back: The X Anthology * Elektra Records
18.) Lookin’ Out For #1 * Negativland * Deathsentences Of The Polished And Structurally Weak * Seeland Records
19.) You Are In My Vision * Tubeway Army * Replicas * Beggar Banquet Records
20.) What You See Is What You Are * Thee Headcoats * Knights Of The Baskervilles * Birdman Records
21.) Peek-A-Boo * Siouxsie And The Banshees * Twice Upon A Time: The Singles * Polydor Records
22.) See Her Tonite * The Damned * Damned Damned Damned * Stiff Records
23.) See The Constellation * They Might Be Giants * Apollo 18 * Elektra Records
24.) She Took A Long Cold Look * Syd Barrett * The Madcap Laughs * Capitol Reocrds
25.) Man Seeks The Future * Attileo “Art” Mineo * Man In Space With Sounds * Subliminal Sounds Records
26.) Politicians In My Eyes * Death * …For The World To See * Drag City Records
27.) Eyeball * Scratch Acid * The Greatest Gift * Touch & Go Records
28.) Gary Gilmore’s Eyes * The Adverts * “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” b/w “Bored Teenagers” * Anchor Records
29.) I See A Man * Witchcraft * Firewood * Rise Above Records
30.) Seer * Witch * Witch * Tee Pee Records
31.) Seen [Excerpt] * Hochenkeit * Omu4h 4aholab / 400 Boys * Road Cone Records
32.) See How Pretty, See How Smart * Melvins * The Maggot * Ipecac Records
33.) Beginning to See the Light (Closet Mix) * The Velvet Underground * Peel Slowly And See * Polydor Records

KPSU Playlist

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