Episode 130: Anastatica, LIVE!



Episode 130: Anastatica, Live! w/ Johnathon Boober!
(Featuring a live performance by Psyche Doom / Melodic Black Metal Oly hopefuls, Anastatica!)

Listeners of this show will find a short delay near the beginning, as we are allowing a very special What’s This Called? episode spill over into our show.  But, don’t think that means there’s only filler during this hour.  Stay tuned, as Johnathon Boober and myself bring you a live performance by Olympia’s Anastatica, a Psychedelic Doom / Melodic Black Metal band, currently on tour, and will be playing in Portland on September 13th at the Red & Black Cafe.   They will also be playing Eureka California, Bellingham & Seattle too, so this would be a great way to check them out before the shows.

They were a very fun band to host.  Initially, we ran into trouble, as they did not have their kick drum pedal when they arrived.  But within 45 minutes, (after a furious round of calling and texting), and friend and fan showed up with a pedal, and their rock-faces on.  It was a pretty excellent moment for radio, and it saved the show.  Well played.



While we’re plugging things, check out their latest release – Ephemerarecorded and mixed in analog, and is a great representation of what you can expect from the band.  You can get digital downloads of these tracks by following the above Bandcamp link, or by finding them on tour, and picking up their CD or cassette of the album.  It is well worth your effort.

Johnathon, naturally, helped with the DJing and engineering for this show, and as usual, I owe him a debt of thanks.  He always makes these things possible, and I appreciate it in a big way.

Next week: tune in for a special extended DJ set with Paco Jones!  This is gonna be great.

See ya in seven!  Rock!

Program Playlist:

# Title * Artist * Album * Label

01.) Twist The Sky * The Tri-Cornered Tent Show * Alien Trackways * Edgetone Records
02.) Missed Court Dates * The North Sea * Bloodlines * Type Records
03.) Rise * The Nether Dawn * Well Song * Porter Records
04.) Live, In-Studio! * Anastatica * 10 September 2011 Performance * Blasphuphmus Radio
05.) ii-Yo * Nymph * Nymph * Social Registry Records
06.) Rue * Anastatica * Ephemera * Self-Released
07.) Last Eclipse * Anastatica * Ephemera * Self-Released
08.) Polylog * Frank Bretschneider * EXP * Raster-Noton Records
09.) Node * Frank Bretschneider * EXP * Raster-Noton Records
10.) Orion * Frank Bretschneider * EXP * Raster-Noton Records
11.) Perseid * Grex * Live At Home * Self-Released
12.) El Todopoderoso * Héctor Lavoe * Salsa Explosion * Fania Records
13.) Much Obliged fer Diggin’ Taters with You * Pilesar * Radio Friendly * Public Eyesore Records
14.) Who Do You Sue? * The Billy Nayer Show * BNS Presents: The Billy Nayer Show * BNS Productions

KPSU Playlist

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