Episode 141: Trouble In My Soul (238)

Abstract Cat Sez: Trouble in YOUR Soul

Episode 141: Trouble In My Soul (238)
(Featuring another episode from our sister station down in Southern California, hosted by DJ JustanotherDJ.)

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be  late for my show this week.  Fortunately, I can count on DJ JustanotherDJ to cover for me at a moments notice.  He’ll be doing his regular show from our affiliate in Southern California, so Ricardo Wang is going to switch the feed over to their signal for the first hour, while I try to get to KPSU ASAP.

A couple of program notes from DJ JustAnotherDJ:

I’ve been told this is where DJ Austin puts his commentaries about his episodes; I don’t really have a commentary, as I was really just playing my usual assortment of songs, which I do try to get to fit together some way or another – however, it did seem like playing “Trouble In My Soul” set a bit of conceptual/lyrical theme, when compared to the other songs.  Some things just put themselves together like that, and so it was.  And who wouldn’t feel a little trouble in their soul in this day and age?

OK, or ever in human history.

But, I digress.  Program notes:

I’m not really sure if the Mexican Dubwiser (know internationally, according the the ever-reliable internet, as Dubwise Selecta) album will be released, though I have seen a remix EP for this very song.

The band Fatty Gets a Stylist is a side project of Australian artist Kate Miller-Heidke.  At least, in Australia it is.  Apparently, (I’m guessing), someone decided having a band or an album named Fatty Gets a Stylist may not go over so well with the rest of the world.  So, renamed.  The copy I own still bears that title – and I ain’t changin’ it.

# Title * Artist * Album * Label

01.) “Nausea” (edit) * X * Los Angeles * Slash
02.)  “Trouble in My Soul” * Mexican Dubwiser * Revolution Radio [not yet released]
03.) “The Tiger Inside Will Eat the Child” * Kate Miller-Heidke * Liberty Bell * Sony Music Entertainment
04.) “Elevator” * Downy Mildew * An Oncoming Train * High Street Records
05.) “But I’m Not” * Cocteau Twins * Garlands * 4AD
06.) “I’m Not In Love” * Tori Amos  * Strange Little Girls * Atlantic
07.) “Waltz #1 (Cue)” * Sam Phillips * Our Little Corner of the World (Music From Gilmore girls) * WB TV/Rhino
08.) “Folk Death 95” * Mogwai * Mr. Beast * Matador
09.) “On Battleship Hill” * PJ Harvey * Let England Shake * Island Records
10.) “Ghost” * Neutral Milk Hotel * In  the Aeroplane Over the Sea * Merge
11.) “If” * Eszter Balint * Mud *Bar/None Records
12.) “I Did Crimes for You” * Deerhoof * Deerhoof vs. Evil * Polyvinyl Record Co.
13.) “Buried Alive in the Blues” * Janis Joplin * Pearl * Columbia
14.) “Ventilator Blues” * The Rolling Stones * Exile on Main Street * Rolling Stones Records
15.) “So Shiny” * Pinehurst Kids * Minnesota Hotel * self-released
16.) “Oiseau Bleu” * Two Dollar Guitar * Train Songs * Smells Like Records
17.) “Feast of the Mau Mau” * Jackie-O Motherfucker * Change * Textile Records
18.) “Space Suit” * They Might Be Giants * Apollo 18 * Elektra

Sound Clips:

“Distorted piece of Coke bottle” * John Corbett * Northern Exposure
“Something something something” * Cybill Shepard and Christine Baranski * Cybill
“No!” * Gigi Edgley, et al. * Farscape



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