Closet Radio Episode 005: Not In This Linear Sphere (No Recording)

Closet Radio Episode 005: Not In This Linear Sphere (No Recording)

(Originally Brodcast: 14 November 2011 on KPSU.)

The stickiness of yet another heat wave permeated my phantom limbs as slots of pale light sneaked past my eyelids through a crack in the window awakening me to sore thighs and a sweet, feminine voice echoing from the shower. She mused about life and the death of her apparitions while carelessly rinsing her sins down the drain. She was my savior and companion on this dusty journey to find the monster I had become, though we had never met before.


01.) “Transmission” – Joy Division
02.) “When Fate Deals It’s Mortal Blow” – The Scientists
03.) “The Prisoner” –The Saints
04.) “You’re So Strange” – The Zippers
05.) “Don’t Blow Your Mind” – The Spiders
06.) “What’s Your Problem?” – The Gruesomes
07.) “Unknown State of Mind” – The Satelliters
08.) “The Searcher/ See Ya Later Alligator” – Kitty Cat Spy Club
09.) “Jive Dominatrixxx” – Bloodshot Bill
10.) “Psuedo Existence” – Psuedo Existors
11.) “That’s Your Way Out” – The Pandoras
12.) “Muffin Man” – Frank Zappa w/ Captain Beefheart  
13.) “Sunshine Girls” – Cat’s Eyes
14.) “Just Because I Can’t Divide” – Lenguas Largas
15.) “Destroy Your Future” – The Weird Lovemakers
16.) “It’s You” – Shark Pants
17.) “Stuttgart Saunaclub – Fuzztron
18.) “Our Devolution Is Televised” – Humanwine
19.) “Can You Dig It?” – Brenton Wood   
20.) “I Should Fly” – Vermillion Lies
21.) “Surfin’ Taumpy” – Andrew & His Feisty Felines
22.) “Ambulances” – Ladytron
23.) “Words” – Lasers and Fast and Shit
24.) “Vulcan” – Snake River Conspiracy 
25.) “Big Mess” – DEVO
26.) “Tired Of Being Bad” – Shannon & The Clams
27.) “What A Way To Die” – Pleasure Seekers
28.) “Talk Talk” – The Music Machine
29.) “Future Blues” – Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove with Willie Love
30.) “Lovely Ladies” – Cake Like
31.) “Out Of My Mind” – Lovely Legs


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