Closet Radio Episode 007: Northern Lightwave Of Gloom (No Recording)

Closet Radio Episode 007: Northern Lightwave Of Gloom (No Recording)

(Originally Broadcast on 3 December 2011.)

There are still server issues over at, so this episode was not archived and there is nothing to download unfortunately. Until the issues are resolved, Closet Radio will have to be heard the old fashioned way – live on the PSU campus or streaming on the internet. If you were one of the few whom did just that or just curious about what I played, here is the playlist.


01.) “Carry Home” – The Gun Club
02.) “A Side He’ll Never Know” – Crippled Pilgrims
03.) “Joyland” – The Undertones
04.) “The Mess” – Newtown Neurotics
05.) “Detention Home” – The Dead Boys
06.) “Kill Him Again”  – Lester Bangs with Birdland
07.) “Behind The House” – Neko Case
08.) “Soon” – Where Dead Voices Gather
09.) “Rather Lovely Thing” – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
10.) “I’m So Ashamed” – Peter Sellers
11.) “Oh, No. I Tried” – Right Away Great Captain!
12.) “Home” – Lene Lovich
13.) “The Illusion Fades” – Greg Sage
14.) “Misery Farm” – Current 93
15.) “Off Screen” – Kevin Devine And The Goddamn Band
16.) “Tonight I Wake” – Homesick For Space
17.) “Help” – Peter Sellers
18.) “I Wish” – Minimal Man
19.) “Vortex” – Mekanik Kommando
20.) “To The Core” – Pink Turns Blue
21.) “The Night Is Coming On” – Dim Stars
22.) “Willful Suspension Of Disbelief” – Modest Mouse
23.) “Up In Flames” – The Wipers
24.) “New Direction” – Echo & The Bunnymen
25.) “Superstar” – TripleFastAction (Remix)
26.) “Biff Bang Pow!” – Television Personalities
27.) “Road To Nowhere” – Snakehips
28.) “Happy Ending” – Bored Games
29.) “Home” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


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