Closet Radio Episode 013: Inner-Circle Reset Button (No Recording)

Closet Radio Episode 013: Inner-Circle Reset Button (No Recording)

(Originally Broadcast on 7 January 2012 on KPSU.)

Looking back at the trail of candy we came here with and onto future pasts reeking of mistakes we never knew. Wiping the slate clean as the calendar resets itself to a time when I could still smile in the dark. Pack the boxes, clean the mess and press forward to another empty room of familiar faces.


01.) “Starter” – The Cardigans
02.) “Saturday Night” – The Spits
03.) “Dark Entries” – Bauhaus
04.) “Gotta Keep Movin’” – MC5
05.) “Time Has Come Today” – Die Hunns
06.) “Smash It Up parts 1 & 2” – The Damned
07.) “At A Later Date” – Warsaw
08.) “Montana” – Frank Zappa
09.) “I Can’t Be Satisfied” – Muddy Waters
10.) “New Day Dawning” – The Adverts
11.) “For The First Time” – Westbound Train
12.) “Personality Crisis” – The Boys Next Door
13.) “Gold Pills” – This Is Versailles
14.) “Nothing Ever Changes In Hell” – The Plague Party
15.) “Combing My Hair In A Brand New Style” – Jim White
16.) “Gods of Aquarius” – Nina Hagen
17.) “Ruin And Renew” – The Blue Meanies
18.) “It’s The Same Old Song” – Jonathan King
19.) “Lost Generation” – Woody Allen
20.) “Movin’ On” – Deal’s Gone Bad
21.) “Today’s Rebellion, Tomorrow’s Freedom” – The Virus
22.) “The Direction Of Things To Come” – Crimpshrine
23.) “What The Hell Is That?” – Steve Martin & Bill Murray
24.) “Solitary Confinement” – The Members
25.) “First Release” – Karate
26.) “I’ll See You Later, I Guess” – The Papercuts
27.) “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World” – Screeching Weasel

The KPSU Playlist


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