“Important Information” b/w “Kogar’s Jungle 45s” (Mini-Cast #6)

Jungle 45s

Jungle 45s

“Important Information” b/w “Kogar’s Jungle 45s” (Mini-Cast #6)
(With an Inter-Web-A-Tron overview, mixed with more madness from Kogar The Swingin’ Ape.)

While I’m out of town this weekend, and unable to provide a live show for ya’ll from coastal Oregon, I thought I’d present a little information about our show, and our presence on the ol’ Inter-Web-A-Tron.  While I have tossed around that you can find our show in iTunes, which is quite an achievement in and of itself, we’ve also adding different feeds to the iTunes Store, where you can subscribe to the different kinds of shows that you are interested in.  It’s an innovation that we’re very excited about, and this seemed like a good opportunity to give you a quick run-down.  For those of you who hate plugs, there is also a good mix of music that follows (without me talking over it), and it is well worth the wait, methinks.

Since this is a digital medium too, here is a textual version of the information provided in this podcast.  This also affords me the opportunity to provide specific and direct links, that you can easily copy and paste into your podcast aggregater of choice.  While I have not listed all of our currently available podcasts (the holiday shows are available too, but won’t be updated until next year), these are the ones that will give you the widest and best possible overview of the kind of show we are, for those of you who may be new listeners.

Blasphuphmus Radio Podcast Feed
This feed offers you every new episode that we broadcast, including any and all radio appearances that get recorded on other people’s shows.  If you just want to hear everything, as it happens, then this is the feed for you.

In-Studio Performances
Like live music?  Any time we have a guest on the show (or, any time I help run the sound for a guest on another show), the recording ends up in this feed.  This winds up offering a wide assortment of music from all over the map, on tour, local, and all points in between.  This feed includes a number of collaborations with fellow DJ, Ricardo Wang, on his show, What’s This Called?

Novelty Recordings
As a collector of Novelty Records, these show represent the times I do my Dr. Demento impersonation, and play all the weirdest and strangest recordings I have access to.

Science Fiction Shows
I am a huge fan of Science Fiction, and in particular the convergence of Sci-Fi and music. So, it’s no wonder that I regularly incorporate the two into the same show. These often include re-edited versions of old Sci-Fi broadcasts, UFO-centric music, movie soundtracks, and a host of other spacey things. This is the show for the Sci-Fi Geek in all of us.

Radio About Radio
Radio broadcasts reflecting on the nature of radio itself, touching the very seam that runs across the self-awareness threshold. Music has always been dimly aware of its own nature, and radio even more-so, but every so often I like to bring out the musical mirror and really get down to what it’s all about.

The Grump Punk
Blasphuphmus Radio started as a sort of mutated punk show back in 1998, and while I regularly (and sometimes with conscious conviction) steer away from this subject, in the end that label identifies what could be considered my favorite music, period. So it is no wonder that the Grumpy Punk rears his ugly head fairly often, to add new items to the cannon, and ruminate over well-established classics.

Vinyl Solution
Occasionally the urge to carry heavy, plastic records great distances overwhelms me, and so I put together an all-vinyl show to accommodate this. Radio has changed so much over the years that it is easy to forget that all radio source material used to be pressed to black lacquered discs. While the majority of radio now is often reduced to plugging in a metaphoric iPod and hitting random, I like to remember what it was like to dig through crates, hand-writing playlists, and doing basic math to calculate how many songs you can fit into an hour. These, more than anything, are the most rewarding shows to do.

DJ JustanotherDJ
DJ JustanotherDJ runs the Blasphuphmus Radio affiliate in Southern California, and regularly takes over for me when I am running late, or need someone to cover for me for a week. This is just a small sampling of the kind of work he does on a weekly basis for his own station.

In addition to our presence in iTunes, you can also find us / contact us / etc. via the following social media networks, as it is apparently vital to your very existence to be present on them.  I try to update each of these services as often as I can, given that I need to eat, sleep, breath, spend time with my family, and other extremely important things first.  Nonetheless:


Blasphuphmus Radio On Facebook

Blasphuphmus Radio On Google+

You’ll find that I update one more than the others.  Investigate them all so you can find out which it is!

Blasphuphmus Radio On kpsu.org
Since 2004 (minus some time in 2008), kpsu.org has been syndicating our show on 98.1 FM (on the Portland State University Campus), and on their webstream at kpsu.org.  In the past they have also provided podcasting and archived downloads.  You can hear the show live (when it is live) from 1 PM – 3 PM on Saturday afternoons, right after What’s This Called? and before Hogwash, Hodgepodge, & Musical Detritus.  Audience Participation happens at 503-725-5945.  Your donations to kpsu.org help keep shows like mine on the air, so please help them out by clicking that link back there, and donating generously.  Thank you.

I think that covers all the informational bases that I wanted to cover.  Now, onto the fun stuff:

All the music from this show came from a wonderful website, Kogar’s Jungle Juice.  I’ve mentioned him before, and his website is stellar, so I don’t need to rehash any of that.  But if you like what you hear on this Mini-Cast, then you need to check out his website.  There are hours of cool things to listen to, all available through him.  Very worth your time and effort.  For this show, all the selections are from his compilation, Kogar’s Jungle 45s.

That does it for this week.  Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the new listeners, too.  We appreciate every one of you.  And now, the playlist.

See you in seven.

Mini-Cast #5
# Track * Artist * More Information.
01.) Tum Tiki * The Enchanters
02.) Safari * The Four Sharps
03.) Congo Pt. One * Twistin’ Kings
04.) Ungaua Pt. Two * The Kingpins
05.) Un-Gowa * The Rimfires
06.) Bi-Aza-Ku-Sasa * The Mogambos
07.) Wa-chi-bam-ba * The Watusi Warriors
08.) Mama Ubangi Bangi * The Four Sounds
09.) Jaguar Hunt * The Crew
10.) Jungle Call * The Gaynighters
11.) The Natives Are Restless Tonight * Ernie George Quartet
12.) Baia * Mickey Baker


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