Episode 154: The People Who Died Part II

The People Who Died

The People Who Died

Episode 154: The People Who Died Part II
(Featuring tributes to the number of talented performers that we’ve lost over the last few years.)

My original vision for Blasphuphmus Radio was to mix DJing and other radio reporting in the same show.  A little music, a little news, and little remixing, a little radio art, all in one.  Of course, this vision almost never occured.  In the early shows, I mixed in some music news, and occasionally would do a few talk segments.  But on the whole, talking about anything related to music just never happened.

Until Captain Beefheart died about a year ago, and I was completely overcome with the idea of doing a tribute… and not just to him, but to everyone who had recently passed that I had missed for one reason or another.  And thus, The People Who Died was born.  I knew instantly that I wanted to make this a regular feature on the show, which of course meant that when it came time to do part two, that it would have to be delayed for several weeks.  Nonetheless, it is ready for you, now.

This show is notable because friend and artist Paco Jones contributed some music to use in the show.  Paco and I had discussed the idea of doing a collaboration, and we were excited to see if we could work on something in the radio vein.  When I told him I was doing a tribute to people who have recently passed, he sat on the idea for about four hours, before sending the songs that I ended up using.  Paco has appeared on the show a few times, and I am a big supporter of his work.  The link above goes to his Soundcloud page, where you can enjoy even more of his work.  I also recommend picking up one of his discs, which you can find via CD Baby.  I’m excited to see if we can do more collaborations like this going forward, and in possibly more unusual ways.  (Do I hear a radio drama in our future?  Only time can tell.)  Regardless, we really want to thank Paco.  Keep up the good work.

This show mostly speaks for itself, and I really had a good time assembling this one.  While big tribute shows like this may not happen in the future, this segment will definitely make more appearances in our new format on Funemploymentradio.com.  Don’t forget: the 25th of February is the last show on KPSU.  If you want to join us during the show, either by phone or in person, please drop us an e-mail at austinrich@gmail.com.  We are hoping to have a bit of a party that day, and really enjoy the last show in a studio and at a station that I really enjoy.  Please, join us for this party.  For more information, you should check out this Facebook Page.

Thanks again for listening.  See you in seven!

The People Who Died Part II
# Title * Artist * Album

01.) I Left Her in Austin, Forever * Paco Jones
02.) Nobody But Me * The Isley Brothers * Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 05
03.) You Know I’m No Good * Amy Winehouse * Back To Black
04.) IF * Dennis Hopper * The Johnny Cash Show
05.) If You Don’t Know Me By Now * Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes * Soul Spectacular!: The Greatest Soul Hits Of All Time

06.) Clip 1 * Harry Morgan * The Cat From Outer Space
07.) The James Bond Theme * John Zorn * Naked City
08.) Ann McCaffrey * Blöödhag * Hellbent For Letters
09.) Frazetta [Live] * Wizard Rifle * Blasphuphmus Radio on 18 September 2010
10.) Rainbow In The Dark * Dio
11.) Clip 2 * Harry Morgan * The Cat From Outer Space
12.) Doctor Dark * Captain Beefheart * Lick My Decals off Baby

13.) Somewhat Alone * Paco Jones
14.) No Surrender * Bruce Springsteen
15.) Knock-Down Drag-Out * Weezer * Weezer
16.) Wide Wide River * The Fugs * It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
17.) Circle * Wild Man Fischer
18.) Can’t Find My Mind * The Cramps * Psychedelic Jungle

19.) I Know Your Whole Story * Peter Falk & Kermit The Frog * The Great Muppet Caper
20.) Floods of Spring (Rachmaninoff) * arr. Earl Wild
21.) Hulkamania vs. Macho Madness * Randy “Macho Man” Savage * Arsineo Hall
22.) Remember Me? * Randy “Macho Man” Savage * Be A Man
23.) Rocky Racoon * Lena Horne
24.) Titoro * Ed Thigpen

25.) Bullitt Car Chase (Full Scene)
26.) Democracy In America * Howard Zinn * BigThink.com
27.) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised * Gil Scott-Heron
28.) Track 09 * Deanne McAdams * Goodbye Deanne
29.) The World Today * Howard Zinn * BigThink.com

30.) Painting of a Mountian * Paco Jones
31.) Do The Clam * Elvis Presley * Elvis At The Movies
32.) I’m Looking For Trouble * Jane Russell
33.) Groovin’ * Willie Mitchell
34.) I Left Her in Austin, Forever * Paco Jones
35.) The Passage Of Time * Andy Rooney * 60 Minutes
36.) Later Aligator * Bobby Charles


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