Episode 158: This Is Not A Photograph (w/ Miss Rikki)


Miss Rikki Lee!

Episode 158: This Is Not A Photograph (w/ Miss Rikki)

How do you sum up someone as multi-faceted as Miss Rikki Lee?  There are just too many sides to her various creative outputs.  Not content to merely host Closet Radio on kpsu.org (1 – 3 PM on Saturdays), she is also the mastermind behind Closet Photography (Flickr Page), and the proprietor of Dust Bunnies on etsy.  She also finds time to update the hilarious Twitter Feed, @closetphoto, which not only regularly has me in stitches, but regularly stumbling upon countless Pop Culture treasures.  It’s a wonder she had the time to sit down an hang out for a few hours.

But, she did.  And while she was at it, spilled an amazing amount of details about her time working with AZ Kaos, a ‘zine she was heavily involved with during her years in Phoenix, AZ.  She also assembled two sets of fantastic tunes from those stomping grounds.  This is one of those fantastic shows that I really enjoy, and it was awesome to have Miss Rikki in the studios for this one.

While we forego a lot of the segments that have become part and parcel of recent shows, this show contains a priceless interview in three segments.  Miss Rikki Lee is a wonderful storyteller, and for those who have a fondness for the kinds of stories that are born out of small scenes and xerox machines, then this show is for you.  There is also a fantastic mix of music in this show, and I’m stoked to have gotten leads on a bunch of bands that I’m itching to check out.  In fact, if you were featured in some way during this show, I would love to include proper links and whatnot to help flesh that out.  As you can see, Miss Rikki Lee will be returning for further stories of her various adventures, with music!, so stay tuned for that.

The footnotes this week will be heavy with links, so enjoy your homework.

See you in seven.

This Is Not A Photograph:

Opening Theme * Paco Jones & Austin Rich

Segment 1: Austin Rich, Curator of Taste

This Is Not A Photograph * Mission of Burma * Signals, Calls & Marches * Ace Of Hearts Records, 1981
Animal Collective * Sung Tongs * Fat Cat Records 2004

Dinner Cooking 08 February 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Segment 2: An Interview With Miss Rikki Lee

Segment 3: Selections From The Arizona Punk Scene

Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage * Killer Pussy
Detective Show Boogie * Spider Hole
I Ain’t No Rattlesnake * Jeff Dahl Band
Fields Of Regret * Alice Cooper
Threat of An Angry Girl (Live) * Scorpion Vs. Tarantula

Ikea 05 February 2012 * The Sounds of Portland Oregon

Segment 4: An Interview With Miss Rikki Lee Part II

*** Alice Cooperstown – http://www.alicecooperstown.com

*** Alice Cooper’s Charity Org. – http://www.alicecoopersolidrock.com

Segment 5: Selections From The Arizona Punk Scene Part II

Sick To Death * The Sex
Horror Con Carne * Slime & The Boobytramps
Lenny & Frankie * JJCNV
JOA * Janitors Of Anarchy
We Didn’t Come Here To Rock * Andrew Jackson Jihad
Reactive Detachment * Manual Sex Drive
Night Vision Eye * Mission Creeps

A Cat 01 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Segment 6: An Interview With Miss Rikki Lee Part III

*** Midnight Creeps are from Rhode Island, not New York as stated in the show.

*** AZ Punk – www.azpunk.com

*** Trunk Space – thetrunkspace.com

*** Erratic Radio – www.erraticradio.com

*** 602 Radio – www.602radio.com

*** Fluke Fanzine was the other zine in AZ – http://www.flukezine.com

*** Also: The AZ Kaos/Gagging Maggot Records comp “Apocalypse Cow! Vol. 1” is available now.

Segment 7: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Outro)

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