Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur

Gun For Dinosaur

Gun For Dinosaur

Episode 159: A Gun For Dinosaur

In the ’50’s, amid the din and clatter that was dramatic theater on the radio, the show that blew almost all the others away was undoubtedly X Minus One.  They had an amazing crew of writers who went on to do a number of outstanding things, among them Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and Frederik Pohl, just to name a few.  It was the kind of show that could not be missed, and is a big influence on my entire aesthetic.

As part of our Traveling Through Time series, we present A Gun For Dinosaur, writeen by L. Sprague de Camp, originally broadcast on NBC on 7 March 1956.  I’m proud of this audio essay, which also includes The ADD Minute And A … with DJ Really Sloppy weighing in on the subject of the Geek & Sundry launch at Wonder Con.  And, of course, we have A Minute With The Pope, recorded entirely on his iPhone.  I like to think we attempt to deliver a new interpretation of those fantastic radio stories.  With music.

As DJ Really Sloppy seems to have become Unstuck In Time, next week will mostly likely continue our Traveling Through Time series.  Will he survive his experience unscathed?  Tune in next week, to find out.

See you in seven

A Gun For Dinosaur


01.) Vanishing of Time * The Vivian Girls * Share The Joy
02.) Live Performance * Mortal Engines * Blasphuphmus Radio * 11 April 2009

Segment One: A Gun For Dinosaur Part I

03.) Have Another Drink * MX-80 * Alway’s Leave ‘Em Wanting Less * Atavistic Records
04.) Tell ‘Em * Sleigh Bells * Treats
05.) Headhunter * Thee Headhunters * Jungle Law EP

Wedding 25 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Segment Two: A Gun For Dinosaur Part II
06.) The Small Stuff * The Dismemberment Plan * !
07.) Open Up Your Door * Richard & The Young Lions
08.) Raw Meat * The Black Lips * Arabia Mountain

Dinner Cooking 08 February 2012 * The Sounds Of Portland Oregon

Segment Three: A Gun For Dinosaur Part III

09.) How Long Do I Have To Wait For You? * Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings * Naturally
10.) Where Did He Go? * The Briefs * Hit After Hit
11.) I Don’t See You * Camper Van Beethoven * Telephone Free Landslide Victory
12.) Dinosaur Rock * Narthex * Duo-Phonic Sounds System: 1980 – 1983

Segment Four: The ADD Minute And A .. w/ DJ Really Sloppy

DJ Really Sloppy and I discuss the launch of Geek And Sundry that he attended while he was at Wonder Con, then he accidentally becomes Unstuck In Time after talking about Wil Wheaton.

13.) Museum 1 * 6955 * Nintendo Museum EP

Segment Five: A Gun For Dinosaur Part IV

16.) Bad News * The Trashmen * Tube City!  The Best of The Trashmen
17.) All Tied Up * The Shakers * Teenline Vol. 3
18.) Paid In Cigarettes * Hot Snakes * Suicide Invoice

A Minute With The Pope 03: Computer Fight * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

Segment Six: A Gun For Dinosaur Part V
20.) Prevenge * The Might Be Giants * The Spine
21.) Tell Me When It’s Over * The Dream Syndicate * The Days Of Wine & Roses
22.) No Doubt About It * The Wipers * Follow Blind


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