Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III

Traveling Through Time Part III

Traveling Through Time Part III

Episode 160: Traveling Through Time Part III

Time Travel has always been my favorite Sci-Fi subject, and I’ve toyed with the subject myself on this very program a few times before.  But it is not always a subject that easily translates to music.  For some reason, there are just not that many songs about the Grandfather Paradox.  Nonetheless, myself and DJ Really Sloppy made a bonafide effort to piece together a short musical tribute to some of the artists that have tackled the subject.  Abstractly at times, yes.  But you know how it goes.

This episode also marks the introduction of our new studio!  Soylent Green Is People Studios has undergone some improvements in the last week, and we’re happy to report that the show now sounds… well, like a radio program.  I appreciate the patience that listeners have shows in the last several weeks as we’ve recorded in some less-than-stellar enviorns, and your reward will come in the form of bigger, better, and more impressive sounding shows.  I’ve got a slew of new ideas that will be coming your way in the coming weeks, and now we have a good place to create it all from.  If you’ve dug what I’ve done in the past, then you know that what’s to come will be right up your ally.

I want to give a special shout out to kiisu d’salyss, who performed much of the backing music that is throughout this episode.  kiisu and I have been friends for years, and he’s appeared on this show in a few of the different bands that he’s been in, and as a solo artist.  For the music in this particular episode, the music was performed on a Kitara, a computer / keytar / guitar hybrid, manufactured by Misa Digital.  I’m hoping to incorporate more of his performances with this instrument in future episodes, and I really want to thank him for his willingness to join the madness that is our show.  If you hear something that sounds spacey in this show, it’s him.

This one is short and sweet, just the way these shows used to be.  I’m still trying to pin down exactly how long this show is going to be, now that I have the freedom to go as long as I want.  For the time being, I’m going to say that I’ll go anywhere between an hour or two, depending on my mood and the theme.  But I do have some ideas for some longer programs in the future, so we shall see.

See you in seven.

Traveling Through Time Part III


01.) Is Time Travel Possible? * Michio Kaku * YouTube.com
02.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt I] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
03.) Time * The Heartaches * Too Cool For School

Segment One: How To Travel Through Time

04.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt I] * Lost University * YouTube.com
05.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt II] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
06.) Slide Machine * 13th Floor Elevators * Easter Everywhere
07.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt II] * Lost University * YouTube.com
08.) Kitara Composition [Excerpt III] * kissu  d’salyss * Blasphuphmus Radio
09.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt III] * Lost University * YouTube.com
10.) Time Has Come Today * The Ramones * Subterranean Jungle

Segment Two: Let’s Go Back In Time

Thrift Store 31 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Salem Oregon
A Minute With The Pope 04: On Tuesdays * The Pope * Recorded Entirely On An iPhone.

11.) The Conversation We’re Having Right Now * Hurley & Miles * Lost * ABC Television

Segment Three: The ADD Minute And A… w/ DJ Really Sloppy

DJ Really Sloppy and I discuss the Time Travel App he installed on his iPod, and his experiences watching the LACMA Rock get moved, experiencing the awful fashion of the mid ’60’s via Mad Men, and his impressions of the new Nicki Minaj single, and then really becomes unstuck in time.  Again.

Segment Four: Some Kind Of Parallel Universe

12.) Time Flies By * Quasi * Early Recordings * Touch & Go 1996
13.) “My name is Peabody.” * Mr. Peabody * Jay Ward
14.) Time (Live) * Clifford Brown & Max Roach * At Basin Street * Verve 1956
15.) Time Machine * Grand Funk Railroad * Capitol Collectors Series * Capitol 1969
16.) “I never look back.” * The Incredibles * Pixar 2004
17.) She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) * The Judybats * Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson * Sire/Warner Bros. 1990
18.) “Some kind of parallel universe?” * Chris in the Morning * Northern Exposure * Universal
19.) Time Theory 11:11 * Miss Murgatroid * Through Alien Empires * Japan Overseas 1995
20.) “Don’t touch it!” * Time Bandits * HandMade Films / Janus Films 1981

Downtown Traffic 31 March 2012 * The Sounds Of Salem Oregon Traffic

Segment Five: Time (Slowly) Marches On

21.) Slow Down Time * Sky Cries Mary * This Timeless Turning * World Domination Music Group 1994


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