Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

Happy 14th!

Happy 14th!

Episode 162: 14th Anniversary Explosion!

As the 14th Anniversary of our first broadcast was on Sunday, today’s show is a retrocast of selections and samples from our earliest recorded programs from or KWVA years.  In the late ’90’s, College Radio (the kind of radio I prefer) was a very different place.  We had different technology, and a different approach to what qualified as entertainment.  Fortunately, the glory of cassette tapes has maintained a way for us to capture these broadcasts and re-present them to you here, and now.

However, there is a slightly sinister element to this episode, too.  In somewhat of a sequel to “It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars” (and episode from 18 July 2007), I accidentally encounter a space / time anomaly, where I encounter none other that DJ Really Sloppy, who has also become unstuck in time.  As I continue to experience the sounds of past radio programs, I hope that by listening to them may offer me a chance to return home afterward.  Will I?  Tune in and find out!

This episode was a lot of fun.  While the official archive of our programs does not include every show we aired (or, even, complete shows), we do have a number of recordings of the shows from our KWVA incarnation.  Digging through that archive – now digital, thank Earl – allowed me to pick some of the more well known moments captured on tape.  As you can tell, I was heavily influenced by Negativland’s “Over The Edge” program, and you’ll find that these mixes and whatnot are but the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what the show really was like.

Having done a lot of preliminary editing, there will be more “best of” programs as I sort and organize the material.  But this is a show I’ve been wanting to do since 2004, and only now do I have the technology to really bring it to you the way I was hoping I could.

Along with this show, we’ve also released a new podcast feed, entitled “14th Anniversary,” that we suggest as a compliment to this program.    It contains a number of programs that illustrate more of the kind of program this show was like in the early years, as well as some other anniversary broadcasts, including: an interview with Exene Cervenka, two programs featuring Holden Craft’s appearances on this show, and the surviving audio from our very first program on 15 April 1998.  It’s all part of the anniversary fun.

I hope you enjoy these strange and twisted audio creations I made during my radio show really late at night in Eugene during the late ’90’s after I would get fully loaded at the bar and broadcast on FM Radio.  They were as much fun to make as they are to describe.

See you in seven!


Part I: Two Turntables, To CD Players, And A Microphone

01.) Man… Or Astro-Man? Intro * 21 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
02.) Have A Cigar Re-Mix * 05 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
03.) Back In The Days Of Canadian Sport Fishing w/ The Ramen City Kid * 08 July 1998 * KWVA Radio
04.) Dub Narcotic Sound Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
05.) Beastie Boys “License To Ill” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
06.) Excuse Me Put Pardon My Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
07.) Grateful Dead Backwards * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part II: Backwards sdrawkcaB

08.) April Stevens, The Weathergirl * 14 April 1999 * KWVA Radio
09.) The Sound Effects of Vince Guarldi * 30 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
10.) A Minute With The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
11.) Nirvana “Incesticide” Backwards * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
12.) Butthole Surfers Re-Mix * 19 August 1998 * KWVA Radio
13.) Mertz Commercial * 29 April 1998 * KWVA Radio
14.) Henry Rollins, Frankie Carle and Walter Carlos Get A Drink Late At Night * 27 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
15.) Praise The Lord Jesus * 28 April 1999 * KWVA Radio

Part III: “Face” b/w “The Cremation Of Sam McGee.”

16.) School Cancelations * 10 February 1999 * KWVA Radio
17.) Face Re-Mix * 02 September 1998 * KWVA Radio
18.) The Cremation Of Sam McGee * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
19.) The Sound Effects Of White Christmas * 23 December 1998 * KWVA Radio
20.) The Passing Of Dick Clark w/ Holden Craft & The Pope * 13 January 1999 * KWVA Radio
21.) Hovercraft Outro * 27 May 1998 * KWVA Radio

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