June 20, 2012 – Happy Summer Solstice!

June 20, 2012 – Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice! We’re playing summer songs. Also, Janet Robin will be in-studio KPSU on Thursday, June 21st, on a very special edition of the Guitar Shop. Finally, in the 5:00 hour, we honor Chet Atkins’ birthday, born June 20, 1924.

Guitar Shop Jeff Beck (opening theme) Guitar Shop
Days of Summer Janet Robin Days of Summer
Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho DiMeola & McLaughlin & DeLucia
A Little More Sunshine Laurence Blatt Fibonacci’s Dream
UV Radiations Laurence Blatt
Solstice Dream Todd Boston Touched By The Sun
The Song Of The Sun Mike Olfield Voyager
Just In Time To See The Sun Santana Caravanserai
CHR number 137 Janet Robin Everything Has Changed
Closer Janet Robin Out From Under
How Many Times Janet Robin Open The Door
Galloping on the Guitar Chet Atkins
Jerry’s Breakdown (studio version) Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed
Heart of Glass Chet Atkins
Mostly Mozart Chet Atkins
Night Train Chet Atkins
If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Chet Atkins & Hank Snow
Jam Man Chet Atkins
Classical Gas Chet Atkins
Vincent Chet Atkins
Mr. Sandman Chet Atkins
Mr. Guitar Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel The Day The Fingerpickers Took Over The World
Ode to Mel Bay Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel
Don’t Monkey Around My Widder Chet Atkins & Doc Watson
There’ll Be Some Changes Made Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins Neck & Neck
Cannonball Rag Chet Atkins & Merle Travis
I’ll See You In My Dreams Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler Neck and Neck
Goodbye Porkpie Hat Jeff Beck (closing theme)


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