Episode 173: Dental Jams

Say Ahhhhhhhh.

Say Ahhhhhhhh.

Episode 173: Dental Jams
(Featuring a selection of recordings about teeth, dentists, and oral hygiene related issues.)

I have been fascinated by media relating to teeth and dentists since I first wrote about dentists in 2007, but as with anything you become interested in, interets ebb and flow over time.   However, a recent set of trips to the dentist – with at least two more appointments on the horizon – has caused me to start thinking about teeth more than I’m usually doing so.  So with that in mind, I decided to dig up an hour of Dental Jams, to help ease my nerves as I prepare for another visit to have sharp implements put into my mouth for the soul benefit of fixing my already broken teeth.

This is another short show, as I continue to adjust to my various schedule changes and whatnot in my personal life.  But it has some top notch music by some of my favorite bands, and closes on a Melvins song.  What more could you ask for in a radio show about teeth?

Keep up the good work, and I’ll see ya’ll next week.


Dental Jams

Part I: Teething
01.) Dentist! * Steve Martin, Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell * Little Shop Of Horrors: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
02.) Performance Excerpt * Toiletooth * What’s This Called? Broadcast 13 March 2010
03.) Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It’s Wintertime) * The Dentists * Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts of the 2nd Psychedelic Era 1976-1996
04.) Scotch Teeth * Half Eye * The Rose Mary Murders
05.) 13 * Teeth Collection * Triskaidekaphobia: 13,000.00 MilliSeconds
06.) Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress In The Jaw * Mr. Bungle * Disco Volante
07.) Painted My Teeth * Jandek * Modern Dances
08.) Spolier * Different Dentist * Triskaidekaphobia: 13,000.00 MilliSeconds

Part II: The Tooth Fairy Isn’t Real, Is She?
09.) The Mad Dentist * Cold Pizza * I’m More Like I Am Then, Than I Was Now
10.) Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto * Rodan * Rusty
11.) 13 * Teeth Mountain * Triskaidekaphobia: 13,000.00 MilliSeconds
12.) Sharp Teeth * Ax * Our Queen of Dirt
13.) Teeth * Royal Trux * Cats And Dogs
14.) Can God Fill Teeth? * Lard

Part III: They’ve All Gotta Be Pulled Sooner Or Later
15.) The Dentist [Live] * The Action Zone * Blasphuphmus Radio 18 April 2007
16.) Dedicated Thespian Has Teeth Pulled To Play Newborn Baby In High School Play * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True
17.) The Braces on Your Teeth * Mad Magazine *Fink Along With Mad!
18.) Toothless Baby * Pez Abacus * December 11 2009
19.) Teeth * The Mekons * Punk Rock
20.) Brush Your Teeth * The Queers * Don’t Back Down
21.) Sweet Tooth * King Khan & The Shrines * The Supreme Genious Of…
22.) The Tooth Fairy And The Princess * Hüsker Dü * Zen Arcade
23.) With Teeth * Melvins * Lysol
24.) Tooth Decay Dramatization * Coyle And Sharpe * Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters Podcast Ep. 83 * MaximumFun.org

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