Episode 176: The Scumburg Manifesto Part I

The Scumburg Manifesto

The Scumburg Manifesto

Episode 176: The Scumburg Manifesto Part I
(Featuring the first half of an interview and DJ set by Miss Rikki Lee of Closet Radio recorded on 15 July 2012.)

Join me for a conversation with Miss Rikki Lee, as we go into detail about her early years as a cub reporter and photographer as she tried to make it on the streets of Chicago.  In this episode: musical accompaniment that not only connects specifically with her life while she lived there, but in many cases care a chi-town kind of vibe, too.  As she recounts her adventures, strap yourself in, as we have cumulatively produced three entire hours of music and interviews.  Hope you like Miss Rikki, cause we’ve got nothing but her this entire show.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  If you’re not already doing so, check her out on Tumblr, and on kpsu.org every Saturday from 1 – 3 PM.  Her show is more “FCC-friendly” there, but when she and I get together there are no rules.  If you end up liking what you hear in this episode, and you want to hear more, then check out Episode 158: This Is Not A Photograph, where she and I covered her time in Arizona, and some more general information about her life as well.  We’re hoping to do this a little more often than every four months, but we shall see.

We are also trying something experimental with this episode, in that we’re presenting it in two parts, over two days.  Part One is obviously available now.  Part Two will be available on Thursday, giving you a two day wait, and offering you a chance to digest the interview slowly, over time.  If you are like me, and you want your podcasts really long for maximum enjoyment, then you are in luck: we will also be releasing, on Thursday, the Director’s Cut version of this show.  Please let us know what you think of this.  We’ve been toying with the length of shows for a while now, and we feel that by doing things like this, we can offer a range of listening options for people who have different tastes.  As usual, we look for feedback here, or any other our other conduits of communication.

With that said, let’s present Part I of “The Scumburg Manifesto.”

See ya in two!

The Scumburg Manifesto Part I

Incidental music during our interviews provided by “The Chess Story: 1947-1975”

Part I: She’s In Love With Rock N’ Roll
01.) Fun Tonight * The Riverdales * Riverdales
02.) A Conversation With Miss Rikki Lee Part 1

Felt Ups

Felt Ups

Part II: I’ve Felt You Up Before
03.) Janie Jones (Demo) * The Clash * Clash On Broadway
04.) Rat Patrol * Naked Raygun * Throb Throb
05.) Time For Me, Time For You * The Felt-Ups
06.) Demons Wear Spurs * The Gravetones * On The Edge Of Madness
07.) She Knocks Me Out * The Runarounds
08.) Little Sister * The Neutron Bombs * E.P.

Part III: Elvis Was My Gym Teacher
09.) A Conversation With Miss Rikki Lee Part 2

Part IV: Record Breakers Frequent Buyer Club
10.) This Is The Part Where I Hit You * Milk At Midnight * A Fit To End All Time
11.) Time Warp * Rocky Horror Picture Show
12.) Underground Army * The Threats
13.) Cranked Up Really High * Slaughter & the Dogs * Cranked Up Really High
14.) Street Where Nobody Lives * The Pagans * Pink Album
15.) I Don’t Give A Fuck * The Partisans * The Partisans


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