Episode 176: The Scumburg Manifesto Part II

The Scumburg In Questions

The Scumburg In Question

Episode 176: The Scumburg Manifesto Part II
(Featuring the second half of an interview and DJ set by Miss Rikki Lee of Closet Radio recorded on 15 July 2012.)

And we’re back.

For those of you who are just tuning in, join me for a conversation with Miss Rikki Lee, as we go into detail about her early years as a cub reporter and photographer as she tried to make it on the streets of Chicago.  If you’re not already doing so, check her out on Tumblr, and on kpsu.org every Saturday from 1 – 3 PM.  If you end up liking what you hear in this episode, and you want to hear more, then check out Episode 158: This Is Not A Photograph, where she and I covered her time in Arizona, and some more general information about her life as well.  We’re hoping to do this a little more often than every four months, but we shall see.

We are also trying something experimental with this episode, in that we’re presenting it in two parts, over two days.  Part One is was available on Tuesday.  Part Two now available.  This gave you (hopefully) some time to digest Part One, before you’re ready for the rest.  However, if you are like me, and you want your podcasts really long for maximum enjoyment, then you are in luck: The Director’s Cut version is now available, too.  Please let us know what you think of this.  We’ve been toying with the length of shows for a while now, and we feel that by doing things like this, we can offer a range of listening options for people who have different tastes.  As usual, we look for feedback here, or any other our other conduits of communication.

With that said, let’s present Part II of “The Scumburg Manifesto.”

See ya in five!

Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror

The Scumburg Manifesto Part II

Incidental music during our interviews provided by “The Chess Story: 1947-1975”

Part V: The Geography of Five Year Differences
16.) A Conversation With Miss Rikki Lee Part 3

Part VI: Geek America
17.) Hero Marauder * Tilt * Collect ‘Em All
18.) Motherfucker Are You Ready To Rock? * Boris The Sprinkler * Is…Gay!
19.) Punk Rock Girl * The Dead Milkmen * Beelzebubba
20.) Hey Ya * Outkast
21.) take a shit * The Left Rights * The Left Rights
22.) Poo Out My Ass * The Left Rights * The Left Rights
23.) Say What You Mean * The Lunachicks

Part VII: Low Brow in High Fidelity
24.) A Conversation With Miss Rikki Lee Part 4

Part VIII: Back Seat Driving
25.) Pussy * Lords of Acid
26.) Promises * Buzzcocks * Singles Going Steady
27.) Six A.M. * Screeching Weasel * Kill The Musicians
28.) Rock Around With Ollie Vee * Buddy Holly * Rockabilly Trash

Part IX: Pop Goes The Weasel
25.) A Conversation With Miss Rikki Lee Part 5

26.) Tangerine Speedo * Caviar


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