Episode 178: We Interrupt This News Bulletin To Bring You A Program

Kermit Schafer

Episode 178: We Interrupt This News Bulletin To Bring You A Program
(Featuring selections from the works of Kermit Schafer, and his Pardon My Blooper records.)

This is where I’ll put the long blog entry once it’s finished.  It’ll explain that this week’s show features the work of Kermit Schafer, a radio and TV engineer in the ’50’s through the ’70’s, and who not only coined the idea of a blooper, but also collected hundreds of on-air gaffs and announcer mistakes, which he endlessly released during his lifetime.  Mention that included in this episode is a 20 minutes audio essay about his work, and an hour of music mixed with these strange audio oddities from his records.

Make sure to expand this episode entry to include lots of biographical information, and details as to why I picked the different tracks, etc.

See you in seven.

We Interrupt This News Bulletin To Bring You A Program

Part I: Afraid Of The Russians
01.) Edited Sections * Kermit Shafer * Pardon My Blooper
02.) Nuages * Django Reinhardt * Verve Jazz Masters 38
03.) The Bathing Suit She Wore * Jerry Nelson & Marilyn Sokol & Paul Williams * Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
04.) Welfare Bread * King Khan & The Shines * What Is?!
05.) Afraid Of The Russians * Styphanoids * History Of Portland Punk Vol. 1
06.) Russian Dance * Tom Waits * The Black Rider
07.) Big Wave * Johnny Dowd * Temporary Shelter
08.) Confused * The Nuns * The Nuns

Part II: Drinkin’ Man’s Cursing
09.) Prison Camp * Coyle & Sharpe * The Imposters
10.) Limehouse Blues * Django Reinhardt * The Best Of…
11.) Drinking’ Wine (Spo-Dee-O-Dee) * Stick McGhee & His Buddies * Atlantic Rhythm & Blues
12.) Sloppy Drunk Blues * Lucille Bogan * Barrelhouse Mammas
13.) When The Shit Hits The Fan * Circle Jerks * Repo Man Soundtrack

Part III: Kermit Shafer: The Man Behind The Blooper
14.) Honeysuckle Rose * Django Reinhardt * Verve Jazz Masters 38

Part IV: My Outer-Space Mixtape
15.) Wally Ballou: Man On The Street * Bob & Ray * The Lost Tapes Vol. 2
16.) Minor Swing * Django Reinhardt * The Best Of
17.) A4 Preview * The Apollo Four * Soundcloud Page
18.) Rocketman * The Red Elvises * I Wanna See You Bellydance *
19.) Mixtape * JJCnV * Brainiac Handsome
20.) Rock ‘N’ Roll Nurse * Compulsive Gamblers * Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing
21.) The Master’s Bedroom (Is Worth Spending A Night In) * Thee Oh Sees * The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In
22.) Don’t Blow Up Your Dog * Half Eye * Don’t Blow Up Your Dog


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