What’s This Called? 7 Year Anniversary Special!

Ricardo Wang & His Son Perform The Legal ID

Ricardo Wang & His Son Perform The Legal ID

What’s This Called? 7 Year Anniversary Special!
(Featuring a two-hour celebration of all things What’s This Called?, with surprise guests and a kick-ass set of fantastic music.)

Ricardo Wang has been a radio personality just about longer than everyone currently in the business, and seven years ago he began the newest incarnation of his program in the humble basement of KPSU.  His enthusiasm for radio, and his extensive knowledge of music in general (and experimental music in particular) made him an extremely valuable resource at KPSU, and ever since has been belting out and hour of fantastic music every week.  I was fortunate enough to be involved with his program from the very beginning, when he first guested on my show when he wanted to learn the KPSU ropes, and we’ve been friends ever since.  It was not hard to say yes when he asked if I would join him for his 7 Year Anniversary, and this episode contains an extended format that gives the listener a fantastic cross-section of what his program is like.

My role in this program is more behind the scenes than anything else, and there was a bit of miniature party going on with the guests milling around in the lobby.  A few of Ricardo’s friends (and former WTC guests) called in to wish him a happy anniversary, and on the whole it was a great way to celebrate a show that has consistently impressed everyone, and will hopefully continue to entertain and please listeners for another seven years.  In the meantime, you can enjoy this stellar show from the comfort of your own computer, thanks to the wonders of modern digital technology.

If you’re not already tuning in every Saturday, do yourself a favor and park your receiver at kpsu.org on Saturdays (or at 98.1 FM on the PSU campus).  Between this, Closet Radio, & Hogwash Hodgepodge & Musical Detritus, there’s pretty much nothing else for you to listen to if you want to have a good time.


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What’s This Called? 7-Year Anniversary Special!

01.) Women On The Screen * Boris

Part I: 11 AM
02.) Freeform Radio * Ricardo Wang
(When the 11 AM DJ didn’t come in, Ricardo performed an extended, free-form mix of music that kicked a lot of ass, and was mixed entirely off the cuff.  The program begins with this mix, in its entirety, in preparation of the main event.)

Part II: 12 Noon.
03.) Der Mussolini * DAF * Electricity
04.) Time Dilations in a Holographic Universe * Four Dimensional Nightmare * Icicles
05.) Otherness Blue * Sun Ra * My Brother the Wind Volume II
06.) Somebody Else’s World * Sun Ra * My Brother the Wind Volume II
07.) Obe * Fela Kuti * The ’69 LA Sessions
08.) Back to Nature * Fad Gadget * Electricity
09.) Track 8 * Abusive Consumer * Concrete Decimation in Dub
10.) The Modest Ambitions of Cedric the Centipede * Edward Ka-Spel * Dream Logik Part Two
11.) Slip It to the Android * Chrome * Alien Soundtracks
12.) Nancy Knows * Jandek * Glad to Get Away


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