What’s This Called? with Sky Chance, Live!

Sky Chance

Sky Chance

What’s This Called? with Sky Chance, Live!
(Featuring a Live Performance by Sky Chance, who moved to Portland to play this gig!)

Join Ricardo Wang – with yours truly running sound – for a mind-melting performance by the (now local) psychedelic noise artist, Sky Chance!  This performance blew away audiences live on What’s This Called? (brought to you by kpsu.org), and is now available for stream or download from this very site!  Relive the joy, the horror, and the oddity that was, is, and will be the immortal Sky Chance.

Hailing from Austin Texas, Sky Chance brings his particular form of poetic drone and noise makes its way across the country in a rather unusual way: after some time in a down of his choosing, he will book some shows elsewhere, and move to that location to try his hand there.  As a one-man band, this kind of lifestyle is not only possible, but returns to him the style of traveling bard that evokes as much Woody Guthrie as it does lute-toting artists on the Renaissance.  Yet, Sky Chance is very much rooted in the “now,” bringing gadgets and computers together to create soundscapes that are not only unique, but offer a perfect counterpoint to his lyrics, equally composed and improvised as the moment calls for it.  Sky Chance is an artists of a unique brand, and catching him live is something I cannot recommend enough.

Near the end of the show, Ricardo and Sky Chance chat about music and art, and below you will find a link to a photoset of images and videos I shot during the show.  This one was a real joy, and I had a great time mixing the sound.  Hopefully, you enjoy it as much as I do, too.

Sky Chance, LIVE!

Sky Chance, LIVE!


MyFacester+ Photoset.


01.) Letter to Metro (Zombi Remix) * Mogwai * A Wrenched Virile Lore
02.) Tornado Warning * Hammock * Departure Songs
03.) Nose Art * Flying Lotus * Cosmogramma
04.) LIVE * Sky CHance * on What’s This Called?
05.) Emerald Fanged Dancer * Expo 70 * Black Ohms
06.) Tyken’s Rift * Steve Morse * Light Echoes
07.) The Wolf * Swans * The Seer


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