Hello, Trippers!



How’s It Named?: “Hello, Trippers!” w/ Cosmic Jim
(Featuring an interview with, and records from the personal collection of, Comic Jim, KPSU alumni and a stand-up guy!)

For those of you who were lucky enough to be able to hear The Psychedelic Renaissance when it was on KPSU, you know how amazing it was to have none other than THE Cosmic Jim bring you an hour of musical oddities, rare records, and the kind of enthusiasm that only a die-hard collector can bring to the airwaves.  His show was one that was at KPSU very near to the beginning, but Jim’s story and history in Portland goes back even further.  Join us for a rare interview / DJ set with this legendary figure, as we poke and prod the more extreme areas of his musical knowledge.

I also enjoy these How’s It Named? episodes, and both Ricardo Wang and I are big fans of Cosmic Jim’s record collection.  As Ricardo could not be here this week, he was really excited about the opportunity for me to bring you this show.  But Cosmic Jim’s history with KPSU is only the beginning; during this show we bring you stories of The Riff Raff (the band he played a roll in during the early 80’s), plus stories of his experiences collecting records, and a bit about his old ‘zine, Psychedelic Renaissance.  It’s one of those hours that has a lot to offer, and if for nothing else, you should check out the Madrigal song we play about about 15 minutes in.  Holy crap.

Special thanks to Tobin, Ricardo Wang and of course Cosmic Jim himself for making this show possible.  These kinds of shows are incredibly fun, and I was very happy to be able to bring you this show.


Hello, Trippers!

01.) Everything’s Changing * Kak * Kak
02.) Stoned Freakout [Excerpt] * Madrigal * Madrigal
03.) Día Viajera * Los Yeh Yehs * Beatles En Español
04.) Taggin’ * The Fredric * Phases & Faces
05.) Excerpts From * Mighty Baby * Mighty Baby
06.) (A Song By) * Wildfire * Primo

2 thoughts on “Hello, Trippers!

  1. I Miss the Psychedelic Renaissance on KPSU, it was a conduit to a lot of lesser-known great period music that was so much better and fresher than say the Grateful Dead or the Beatles and the other stuff we usually hear from the period.

    It’s really too bad Jim’s show got cancelled (for commercial reasons?)


    • I don’t know. I think Cosmic Jim decided to go on a trip of which only he knew the destination. His show was great, and I have a few recordings buried on a hard drive somewhere. In an alternate universe his show is Top 40 Radio, and everything else is obscure. But at least we remember…



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